Chinese phone producer ZTE seems increasing down on the debatable notch style in an ambitious-looking mobile phone concept exposed today.

Dubbed the ‘ZTE Iceberg’, we’re getting a peek at just what appears to be an Android phone with not one however 2 notches, as well as glass accessory to the framework, according to renders shared by iF Layout Globe Guide.

This is a first. Yes, we’ve seen display notches turning up on smartphones first with the Important Phone and also apple iphone X, and also currently they’re popping up everywhere. 

But the ZTE ‘Iceberg’ layout consists of a leading as well as bottom notch, and it finishes up being among the most bezel-less designs we’ve seen from a smartphone.

cell phone

Clear corners

ZTE goes further with its ‘Iceberg’ layout, making the phone framework a solitary glass unibody. The glass edges of the phones are clear, which give the visual appeals a tidy, pure-as-ice look.

Shoppers shouldn’t expect to obtain their practical this layout ahead of time, however, as the release day information state ‘after 2018’ with 13-24 months of development.

However, ZTE has currently revealed it can make a terrific standard phone with the Axon 7, and experiment with a flawed, however novel smartphone style with the dual-screen Axon M. 

If it can wed those 2 positives together right into one next-generation phone that looks something like the ZTE Iceberg, it may have a winner.

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