Okay players I promise that this will be my continue zombie game testimonial … for a while. I simply could not assist it though. I was just browsing the Google play shop when I saw Zombie HQ. And I just needed to download and play it, and now I am giving my full review of the game. So keep reading fellow gamers.

Now Zombie HQ doesn’t play like previous zombie games that I’ve assessed. No this one is a bit various, you in fact move around a location and shoot zombies, similar to a means beast shooter plays other than you’re shooting down zombies. The game follows a lone survivor (whomever you pick “him” or “her”) escaping trying to make it through the zombie infested city. You lastly escape and you manage to climb you method on a roofing top, where you see a working radio and you just means to make contact with various other survivors is through that radio. Each of the survivors will send you on various goals throughout the game, in hopes that you can conserved each and every one of them so that they can join you.

Zombie HQ is a third-person shooter that’s an over-view look of a various part of the city, where there are zombies coming at you from all over. The game has various kinds of objectives such as, rescuing other survivors, various other goals where you need to scavenge from products, and some offer a search and destroy mission where you’ve to eliminate all zombies in an area. But if you get tired of doing those kinds of goals you can do Employer fights where you’ve to shoot down minions prior to getting to the showdown with in charge. And naturally you’ll likewise get sweet benefits (such as money and XP to level you character up) for efficiently completing all those goals.

Zombie HQ review

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The graphics could’ve been much better, a whole lot better. Begun Rebellion its 2013 not 2005. The sound effects of bullets striking zombies, and the sound of hammering when you’re trying to repair a barricade sound wonderful and exactly what’s a zombie game without great music, not to fret the game’s music is excellent too. The controls of the game are actually quite easy, fluid, and smooth, conventional for an Android shooter. You’ve your character moving joystick on the lower left side of the screen while you are shooting and switching over weapons is on the lower right side

And exactly what’s a zombie shooter game without firearms to choose from? There’s a big arsenal of guns such as gatling gun, shotguns, and rocket launchers and so on, and they’re all upgradeable too. The downfall is some of the various other cool weapons need you to fork up some cash in order to buy them. Exactly what I simulate is that there’s choice to customize your character whether if you play as “him” or “her” and your HQ which is a rooftop can likewise be customized to your liking. Like the weapons various other knick propensities can be purchased with the cash you gathered from the game or you can decide to fork out some cash.

The three things that I am not really too keen on the cut-scenes, it appears like it was for either the ps2 or Xbox back in 2003, then there those nice tools you want to purchase, however that requires you to spend your own money to buy them, and lastly the “taking energy” to do objectives, some could take 4 or 6 facilities of energy. Keep in mind to various other designers “remove that it GETS RID OF the game experience”.

Overall Zombie HQ is just your typical zombie genre game with different missions to do, smooth and fluid controls, and with great deals of content for you to open. This game is cost-free at the Google play store, and if you’re truly into the zombie themed games, this one is worth to try out. Pleased Games Players!