So it’s actually been a while since I did a zombie game testimonial, and I was just searching the Google play shop a few days ago when I discovered a game labelled Zombie Journal: Survival. And I was actually rather amazed with this game. Please continue reading fellow gamers.

When you initially start off this game you’ll see that it’s some resemblances to the game Zombie Ville. It does have a comparable feel and look to it however believe me this game isn’t Zombie Ville. When you do initially play you’ll have a map on the screen and 4 places, Jail, Street, Cemetery, and Laboratory. But you cannot just tap on any of the 4 locations though, you need to tap on an icons in order to play, and depending upon where the icon is that the area you play in, take for instance you’ve an icon located in the Prison, that the location where you’ll play.

You’ll have different icons to tap on and each of them stands for a various kind of goal. The crosshair icon implies you need to shoot a number of zombies before you can clear the goal. Take for instance if you goal is to eliminate 40 zombies then you need to kill 40 zombies without passing away in order to pass the level. Then you’ve a running guy icon, in this one you’ll be provided a specific quantity of meters to run, now for example you’ve run 20 meters you simply go right until you meter counter reaches no, now mind you it might seem simple however not so much when you’ve mobs of zombies coming left and right coming your method. Then you’ve icon that appear like a stop watch, you need to survive the zombie attack within the given time until it reaches no. Then you’ve a green icon, I in fact like this one because its not actually a goal, but play more like a benefit cash round, which what precisely what it is. You’ll shoot the zombies as the come at you and you’ll get money for each kill.


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The graphics look fantastic, when you’re moving left or right the background relocates with you and every little thing steps so smooth and the gameplay if very fluid too. The sound results and animation zombies getting shoot and exploding on impact look and appear fantastic. The game music appears has a kid-friendly creepy feel to it.

Zombie Journal has different types of zombies in the game. You’ve you slow-moving walkers, then you’ve your cheer-leader looking type they move quite fast, then you’ve you teacher kind they generally take 2 favorites which I find odd, a teacher zombie that takes 2 hits, then you’ve a professor however this time he’s a bucket on his head, and he usually take a number of favorite before he passes away. Then you’ve you exploding zombies. Now these are the common types that you’ll see early in the game, there are more types as you progress further into the game.

The game does provide weapons to open and you can utilize you in-game currency to purchase various kinds of weapons such as a Desert Eagle, Micro Uzi, and an AK47 just among others. Some guns and various other weapons such as a Light Saber need you to buy them with the diamonds you also gather conforming. However you’ve to have a bunch of diamonds to buy them, you can buy diamond however you’ll need to fork out your own cash to buy them. You can likewise purchase various character each with their own strengths and weak points. And another cool function is that you can buy various mechs, the only downside is they just last for a minute or more.


Zombie Journal: Survival is a fun and addicting game to play, I’ve actually play this game for practically 6 hours directly when I initially played it, and whenever I put my gadget down, I can nearly hear whisper in my ear saying ‘play me’. It’s really easy to play and enter. This game is a free offer at the Google play store. Happy Games Gamers !!