If you’re fan of puzzle games then you ought to absolutely provide Stay Alight a shot. The game has been recently added to Google Play by the developers WYSE Games and provides some of the most mesmerizing visuals. While the game is your regular physics based puzzle, however exactly what actually makes Stay Alight an attract attention is the profound and aesthetic graphics.

The story is pretty simple, do away with all the little green germs and save the world from their prominence. While all of it sounds simple, when it comes to fixing the puzzle you, Mr. Bulb, needs to use physics to successfully finish the task.

stay alight puzzle

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You’ve to understand your physics when playing this game as it provides some of the most realistic mechanics mixed with mesmerizing visuals. The game provides variety of levels and to add some style you’re also bestowed with some superpowers.

Hook up to this wonderfully made physics based puzzle game which offers a lot even more than your standard 2D puzzles. When it comes to the price, Stay Alight comes free of cost. So, make sure to download this stupendously created puzzle game.