Yandex.Shell (Launcher+Dialer) - personalize your phone with plush 3D launcher

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Yandex.Shell is a luxurious 3D homescreen launcher that includes a slick-load of excellent animations and some cool functionality. There are a couple of 3D launchers available in the Google Play Shop and they can get extraordinarily pricey however Yandex. Layer is totally and utterly free. It’s also really, really familiar. Keep reading to discover why.

Price: Free

Tested on: Nexus 4
Content Rating: Low Maturity

Pros & Cons:


  • Gorgeous 3D interface!
  • Plenty of functionality!
  • Very smooth!
  • Free!


  • Needs more themes.


Yandex. Layer is essentially developed by the exact same designer as launcher eye-candy SPB Layer 3D, which we evaluated method back when it was first launched. SPB was eyebrow-raising for two reasons. First of all, the 3D interface looked astonishing, with sensational animations and smooth transitions that was buttery way prior to Google’s Project Butter. The other reason was the cost. At around $15 (₤ 10), it hadn’t been inexpensive. Well now, under the brand-new name and with a couple of tweaks here and there, Yandex. Layer is basically the same core launcher, however is likewise completely free of charge. If you were put off by SPB Shell 3D’s price, you’ll wish to check this out.

It’s been quite time because we examined the initial application and Yandex. Layer is various in lots of ways so I have tried to look at things from a fresh viewpoint, particularly one which did not cost any money to have. Yandex. Shell is unbelievably smooth to use. Displays scroll from side to side fluidly, without obvious lag. Folders and menus open in a gloriously wise fashion. The entire interface is trickling in usability and looks actually good and it moves about with your touches. The included carousel view and micro-animations with individual pages are also outstanding, even if they aren’t strictly required.

There’s sufficient functionality within the app too. It comes with a slew of inbuilt widgets and screen options, plus aspects of personalisation, like a range of clock faces and an information reader. Almost stapled on the side of the app is the dialler. This is a full-blown contacts app and dialer app all-in-one. There’s some customisability right here too, but it does blend well cosmetically with the launcher itself.

If you ever used or saw SPB Layer, you can essentially expect the exact same thing with Yandex. Shell, other than for the rate. 3D launchers readily available in the Google Play Store include the incredible however messy TSF Shell Pro, the new (and once again, very pricey) Next Launcher and the smooth but, in my opinion unsatisfying Regina Launcher. It’s worth noting that SPB Shell is still readily available, but its Might upgrade looks readied to be its remain. If you desire a really next-level user interface, these are the guys you wish to be checking out. If you want to invest actually no cash nevertheless, Yandex. Layer is most definitely an excellent option. It definitely moves you far from the JB/ICS/Holo design, but it stays fairly minimalist and battery life is not really as terribly had an effect on as you might think.

I’ve actually included great deals of screenshots, so certainly examine them out below, before you download.


Well, you kind of demand a launcher to use your device appropriately, whether that be the native one that runs on your gadget or the heavily skinned similarity Samsung’s TouchWiz or HTC’s Sense. Yandex. Shell includes some functionality, some theming, some cool widgets, great deals of orderly animation and offers an extremely smooth experience. It’s definitely not on par with functionality and customisability compared with the like of Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher and does not offer the same levels of theming as you get with Go Launcher Ex Lover however for a minimalistically themed launcher with normal functionality, it’s excellent.

Ease of Use:

It takes a little time to get made use of to the design and the choices you’ve with the launcher. I don’t think it’s quite as instinctive as basic ‘pure’ launchers, but it does not take too much getting used to.

Frequently Used:

You’d utilize this each time you use your phone. With additional widgets and functionality, you ‘d possibly use it more. The app consists of a dialer too, so this would be something you make use of whenever you make or take a call.


The user interface is easy, but extremely refined and feels fantastic to use. From the smooth shifts and menu system to the gorgeous animations and interactive widgets, it’s a huge step up from the bog-standard launchers we typically see. For the eye-candy, you do abandon some customisation but if this is not a concern for you, I think you’ll like this.