Whether it falls out of your pocket in an unknown place or it’s stolen from a public place, you and your smartphone are at danger. Many of us use the same phone for individual and company uses and access email and various other delicate info on the phone. Therefore, if it lost or taken you need to take immediate activity to recover it or obstruct it.

If yours is an Android phone, there are several recuperation applications, such as Lookout Mobile Security, readily available to recover it. Nevertheless, we cannot always depend on these apps alone. In such conditions, the only thing that we can do is obstructing the phone right away.

To block a phone, you must understand its IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identification) number and should call your provider. Nevertheless, if you’ve no idea the IMEI variety of your phone, then how can you get it? Here is ways to find out your lost Android phone’s IMEI number.

Follow below steps to get your lost Android phone’s IMEI number

– Login to your Gmail account on your PC (Gmail account that connected with your Android phone)
– Go to the link https: / / www.google.com/settings/dashboard and click “Android”
– You can see you phone’s IMEI number detailed there.

Where to Get IMEI of Your Lost or Stolen Android Phone (Quick Tip)

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Important Note: After purchasing a new Android phone, you can check your IMEI number at four places and note it down for future use.

– Inspect you buy costs. It’s the IMEI printed on it.
– Examine the box of your mobile phone. It should’ve the IMEI printed.
– Look under your smart phone’s battery. There should be a sticker label printed with IMEI.
– You can also check by calling *#06#. It reveal the IMEI on any smart phone.

Hope the above information valuable to you.