Good news for WhatsApp users, the most popular cross-platform instant messaging app for Lumia WP smartphones gets ‘Push-to-Talk Voice Messaging’ support in remain update. The app has gotten numerous updates in the remain few months and now designer has from another location allowed a brand-new function today: Voice Messaging.

In an interview with All Things D WhatsApp co-founder,  Jan Koum, exposed the new Push-to-Talk Voice Messaging feature for the app. The business is pushing the new voice attributes all at once on all its platforms – iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia.

WhatsApp for Lumia WP smartphones gets Voice Messaging

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The app now provides a microphone icon in the messaging section which enables you to tape-record brief snippets of voice to send as a message. You’ve to push and hold the mic icon to tape-record the messages and as soon as you’re finished with the tape-recording the messages are sent to the contact immediately.

WhatsApp for Lumia WP smartphones gets Voice Messaging

There’s no length limit for the time invested recording, and the volume of the recording immediately switches over from speaker when held at arm’s length to soft when you bring it alongside your ear. There’s likewise a blue mic illustration that indicates when a message has actually been played.

WhatsApp for Lumia WP smartphones gets Voice Messaging

P.S.- You need a fresh setup (ie uninstall and re-install) to obtain this brand-new attribute.

[Via ATD]

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