What's in the running for Phone of the Year at the T3 Awards?

Phone of the year is among the most sought after honors at the T3 Awards each year, and with TechRadar in charge of handing over the trophy, we thought we ‘d go through which of 2013’s handsets are in the running.

Ford SYNC presents the T3 Awards 2013 and the lineup of phones is a genuine who’s who in the existing hierarchy, with Apple and Samsung’s competition propped up by the sparkle of HTC, the interesting world of Nokia and the background of Sony’s long-awaited revival and BlackBerry’s sad decrease.

But at its heart, the honor is all about the actual handsets. So we asked TechRadar’s phone guru Gareth Beavis, mobiles personnel writer John McCann, along with some guest comments from the remainder of the group their thoughts on the six shortlist competitors.

Apple iPhone 5

TechRadar iPhone 5 review: 4.5 stars

Apple iPhone 5

T3 judge and TechRadar’s Editor-in-chief UK Patrick Goss: ‘It’s ended up being almost too simple to criticise Apple’s iPhones as innovation slows and ordeals like Apple maps include a faint patina of stain to the brand’s credibility, but this was (and still is) a stunning phone. Light, totally featured and just a bit taller – the arrival of iOS 7 recently has made it even better.’

TechRadar staff writer Hugh Langley: ‘The iPhone 5 is an obvious contender for 2013’s finest phone. It was a smart evolution for the series and the bigger screen was even more than welcome. While it made iOS 6 feel a little outdated in the beginning, iOS 7 has actually turned the iPhone 5 into exactly what seems like an entirely brand-new handset that’s even more instinctive than ever. The majority of significantly, it’s an absolute delight to make use of.’


TechRadar HTC One testimonial: 5 stars


TechRadar phones editor UK Gareth Beavis: ‘The HTC One is a phone that resists all expectations with a clever cam, remarkable sound quality as well as the best-designed smartphone out there. Contribute to that market leading specs and cool material discovery and there’s not a surprise when you find out the HTC One is currently our phone of the year, and contending in the T3 Awards for their accolade.’

Patrick Goss: This is a gorgeous phone and it’s not a coincidence that it sits happily at the top of our 20 best phones on the planet list. Fantastic construction, sweet, sweet Android and, ultimately, an improvement to the very early battery life troubles verified to the world that it was not simply Apple and Samsung who could wow us with flagship phones.

Nokia Lumia 925

TechRadar Nokia Lumia 925 review: 4 stars

Nokia Lumia 925

TechRadar UK phones writer John McCann: ‘Windows Phone is still discovering its feet in the mobile market, however Nokia’s Lumia 925 is the very best smartphone currently on the market running WP8. It’s metal chassis gives it a solid, exceptional look and feel, plus the camera on the back is fantastic for low-light snaps. We are still not offered on the Windows OS yet though – both iOS and Android offer more.’

Patrick Goss: ‘I am concerning the conclusion that it’s time to stop patronising Nokia and Windows Phone for being a fine 3rd alternative and start beating them with a big stick identified ‘make a wonderful phone currently’. I am simply not that big of a fan of the Lumia 925 and I think it does not compare that well with some of the huge hitters on this list.’

BlackBerry Z10

TechRadar BlackBerry Z10 testimonial: 4 stars

BlackBerry Z10

John McCann: ‘The BlackBerry Z10 is the most substantial smartphone to come from the Canadian company for years – the flagship for the new BB10 operating system the Z10 offers an entirely brand-new experience for all users. While it mightn’t be the very first phone you think of, the outstanding messaging capabilities make this handset a competitor.’

Hugh Langley: ‘Did the BlackBerry Z10 provide the items as the very first BB10 handset? With that 4.2-inch HD display, trendy design and 8MP video camera, it would be difficult to say no. However as terrific as it was, it’s tough to argue it provided anything special. Which is why it was not the phone to conserve BlackBerry.’

Samsung Galaxy S4:

TechRadar Samsung Galaxy S4 review: 4.5 stars

Samsung Galaxy S4

Gareth Beavis: ‘The Samsung Galaxy S4 takes power to the next level, with a supreme screen, strong camera and strong design. The South Korean firm needs to be applauded for its valor too … The reams of cutting-edge new features in board mightn’t all work, however a minimum of it’s working out exactly what the next huge thing will certainly be in smartphones.’

TechRadar UK deputy editor Marc Chacksfield: ‘The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a no-brainer for me. Superior AMOLED screen, sizzling processor, expandable memory, a tie-up with Dropbox and touchless gestures are just a couple of reasons it became my phone of option this year. I do want Samsung would move far from plastic, though – the chassis is the only thing that lets this excellent smartphone down.’

Sony Xperia Z1

TechRadar Sony Xperia Z1 evaluation: 4 stars

Sony Xperia Z1

John McCann: ‘Very effective and outstandingly specced the Sony Xperia Z1 is, on paper a minimum of, a strong gold winner (It’s not gold though, it’s black). There are a couple of niggles with the user interface and excessive levels of bloatware, however if you are in the marketplace for a very slim smartphone with 20MP camera and waterproof qualifications, look no additional.’

Gareth Beavis: ‘The Sony Xperia Z1 is another wonderful step away from the distressed Sony Ericsson endeavor – and now suffused with all the great tech the Japanese firm needs to offer, the Z1 packs an impossible amount of tech into one thin frame. Be it compact camera-level snapping, TV-spec visuals and a streamlined UI there’s a load of reasons to see this as another moment in Sony’s smartphone revolution.’