It’s every iPhone owner’s headache: you plug in your phone and await the beep to come, however it just won’t charge. If this has ever happened to you, you understand how frightening it is. Lots of individuals worry when their iPhone will not charge, and drag it to the Apple Shop immediately. Nevertheless, you must stay calm because if your iPhone doesn’t charge that does not indicate that your battery is broken. There are a few steps that you can take to identify exactly what’s incorrect with your iPhone, and why it’s not charging. Examine them out below:

What To Do If Your iPhone Won't Charge

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1. Check the port

Sometimes your iPhone just won’t charge since there’s some lint stuck in the port. This isn’t a really usual problem, but it certainly occurs. So before you do anything drastic, examine your port for dust initially. If your iPhone’s port teems with dust it most likely doesn’t carry out electricity, so you if you see that some is stuck in the port, you must clean it out with a piece of fabric, or by blowing into it.

2. Try a different charger

What To Do If Your iPhone Won't Charge
Another very simple action that can spare you a lot of problem. iPhone cords are known to break easily, and it’s really possible that you can’t plug your phone in due to the fact that the charger is broken, even if you do not see damages on the exterior. When my iPhone did not charge a couple of days back, I took it to the iPhone store and asked a genius if I might utilize among there chargers and when I plugged my phone into among the Apple store’s chargers it did work. I likewise got a new cord free of cost, since of the one year guarantee.

3. Make sure that the charger is sending out enough power

What To Do If Your iPhone Won't Charge
The iPhone needs a particular amount of power in order to charge the gadget, so if you recently started charging your phone in a USB keyboard on your computer keyboard or an additional strange place, the issue may be that the source does not output enough power to charge your phone. So see to it that you’re charging your phone in a place with enough power output.

4. Go to the Apple Store

If you attempted all the actions above and your phone still won’t charge, you ought to truly let one of the brilliants at the Apple shop take a look at it, since then it’s most likely an issue with your iPhone. This can cost you a lot, because a battery replacement costs $79, however it also relies on your Apple Care insurance policy.

Sometimes it can be truly annoying when something goes wrong with your phone and lots of individuals worry when a little issue like this happens, however there’s commonly no requirement for it. It’s constantly better to remain calm and take a look at all your choices. If you recently had a trouble with your battery and resolved it in a various method than the ways we noted above, please let’s know in the remark section.