WeVideo - Video Editor. Super simple video editor app gives Apple's iMovie a run for the money?

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WeVideo – Video Editor is an extremely simple to make use of storyboard-style mobile video modifying app that likewise connects online for additional elaboration if required. You can cut vids, splice together images & videos, add Instagram-like filters, enliven your shifts like the pros by simply picking a theme, render and sync all through cloud, and share on your favored social networks. Though the internet app provides a lot more flexibility, we will be concentrating primarily on the mobile app for Android.

Price: Free App, Publish Videos $0.99 (720p) $1.99 (1080p)

Tested on: Samsung Galaxy S4
Content Rating: Low Maturity

Pros & Cons:


  • Super easy to utilize mobile video editor!
  • Transform the appearance of videos with styles!
  • Mobile video modifying with help of the cloud!
  • Rendering happens in the cloud and not on the gadget!
  • Feature to publish to YouTube or WeVideo website!


  • Data hog!
  • Disconnect in between internet app and Android app, numerous nuances don’t moved correctly (review more in ‘The Not So Good’ below).
  • Limited attributes, not suggested for advanced mobile editing … wonderful for simple things.
  • Only offered to a handful of devices.


WeVideo Video Editor is a sweet idea … to make mobile video modifying so easy your Mom can to it! The secret sauce is that it works over the cloud so you can start a task on your phone, and if you require more versatility- tweak from any computer system online, then add the finishing touches back on your phone- as all the heavy lifting is done online.

The internet app offers more functions for even more granular modifying for advanced users like myself consisting of, unique results, option of basic and innovative timeline modifying, video color adjusting, scaling video sizes, even shared/collaborative group video modifying … for this reason ‘We Video’. Though numerous of these features are mute from the Android app. It also diminishes in comparison to Apple’s iMovie app- the best way to consider the app is simply a simple video editor app. Have a look at the sample video I made and let us dive in!

Watch Sample Video

The Good…

Once you register for an account or connect with either Facebook or Google all your media on your phone (videos, pictures and audio) are automatically loaded into the app- just slide to the proper tab to access it. Then you can hold and drag media onto the storyboard timeline found below. Tap once again to edit. If it’s video you’ve options to cut by moving the start and ending sliders, manage the clip’s volume (though this didn’t work at all in my tests), and include an easy caption to the clip. If it’s an image you can set the duration of the picture and caption (no cool slideshow montage zoom & pan results here).

If you ‘d such as to include background songs to your piece you can simply go select it. One of the coolest features is the addition of predefined themes. One click can include Instagram-like filters and changes comparable to the pros such as light leaks to spice up your video. The last step (I recommend ‘Uploading’ between the job as it does not constantly conserve your development properly) is to Publish. This is where the app differs from various other video editors as they use the processor of the phone to render the video (receive a call and that interrupts the procedure- start over again). You’ve a few choices to upload to YouTube and Facebook in addition to WeVideo- provided you provide the app access to those accounts. Below briefs the process …

Publishing/Uploading process:

  • Once you full editing video, all assets are uploaded and synced to your WeVideo account.
  • Rendering takes place in the cloud and not the phone.
  • It instantly downloads your video to your phone’s gallery for viewing, you’ll get an email alert and notice when it’s done.
  • Share!

The Not So Good…

There’s a little a disconnect from the internet app and the Android app. In my experience I can not get the volume setups of each clips nor the ‘Main Title’ clip to correctly render from the app- I’d to fine-tune online to obtain it to work effectively (see what I am discussing with the in the past and after videos). It’s missing basic transitions in between videos and audio fades on the Android app. The first task I made sadly didn’t car conserve, unsure what happened there however I downloaded the style packs and it crashed. Update: use this app over WiFi as it makes use of a bunch of information when uploading/downloading asset files.

When trimming clips, you can not expand a trim as soon as snipped, you’ve to redo the trim from a brand-new clip. Cutting video can not be under 5 seconds. When previewing the video you can not scrub through to preview it quick or jump near the end or back to the beginning, you simply have watch it all the way through. You get free of cost storage for 5GB or 15 minutes of exported footage. When you modify on your phone you get HD footage back after rendering, nevertheless, if you edit online you can just get a 480p quality video free. Else it costs $0.99 for 720p and $1.99 1080p videos. Last but not least, it’s presently only readily available for the following phones (tablets no. some phablets):

  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • HTC One
  • Samsung Galaxy S III
  • Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II
  • Google Nexus
  • HTC Droid DNA
  • Sony Xperia S
  • Sony Xperia Z

Usefulness & Frequently Used:

Initially, mobile video modifying apps were mostly helpful to those niche individuals interested in them. Yet with the spoon fed simpleness that WeVideo provides, it might be something more typical individuals take advantage of. For example, trimming out parts of camera phone videos or developing a montage of videos of your getaway.

Ease of Use & Interface:

This is thee most shining facet of the app along with how easy it’s to browse!