New in store, WeatherSense is feature rich good animated weather app for Nokia Lumia WP8 smartphones developed by Mobious Studios. As a launch offer the app is readily available complimentary for restricted time over Windows Phone Store, check out the app attribute list after break.

WeatherSense is the first ever before totally animated weather application for your Windows Phone. Featuring data that’s recorded from over 40,000 weather condition stations spread out all over the world, it provides you the best UI experience that you would’ve never felt prior to.

WeatherSense - New weather app for Nokia Lumia WP8 smartphones (Free for Limited Time)

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  • A highly interactive and easy to make use of UI.
  • Over 10+ weather centric animations.
  • Random animated splash screens.
  • Vocal weather updates.
  • Multiple locations support.
  • Option to set a customized auto-updating lock screen.
  • Daily and extreme weather condition toast notifications.
  • Pin secondary live tiles to get daily weather condition updates on the fly.
  • In app weather condition / analytics share.
  • View detailed existing / daily / per hour forecasts with data like temperature, humidity and so on
  • Support for both metric (Celsius) and imperial (Fahrenheit) information.
  • Detailed area based analytics based upon existing / daily / hourly projections.
  • Option to turn off background updates, splash screen for saving battery.

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