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The HTC Desire Eye might not be part of the Taiwanese business’s One series of flagship gadgets, however the new handset doesn’t skimp when it concerns requirements. And the front-facing 13MP electronic camera is definitely going to appeal to photography fans.

HTC is placing the Eye and a slightly lower tier and as such, the chief differences are in develop quality, particular software application features and the price. Although the HTC One M8 is gunning for the Android leading area alongside the LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy S5, the Desire Eye’s approach is to put selfies front and centre.

HTC Desire Eye vs HTC One M8, ipad

So, while the HTC One M8 is a much better all-rounder, the Desire Eye has a clearer selling point and a specific, targeted audience. How do the two phones compare to each other?


If its screen property you want, then the Desire Eye edges it out over its older cousin. Regardless of being a Desire branded phone, HTC has offered the brand-new handset a Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 p 5.2-inch display. That’s an extra two inches over the HTC One M8’s Full HD 5-inch screen.

The advantage is undoubtedly that when using the Eye’s front-facing cam for selfies, you get a larger screen for a bigger photo. Nevertheless, when it comes to the information on each display screen, the M8 can offer 441 pixels-per-inch against the Desire Eye’s 424.

HTC Desire Eye vs HTC One M8, windows mobile phone

Neither display suffers from annoyingly big bezels, and both handle contrast effectively indeed. One benefit the M8 boasts however is Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection.

We’re going to have to go with the size concern right here though and that extra two inches implies the Desire Eye takes the prize for the better screen.


There are no prizes right here for guessing which phone comes in with the better design. The HTC One M8 was applauded upon released for the polished aluminum framework and comfy 160g weight.

The Desire Eye, by contrast, is made from a polycarbonate case and readily available in a choice of two various colors. Although HTC has added IP67 waterproofing, the Desire Eye doesn’t feel as comfy or as premium as the One M8.

The front-facing Boomsound speakers, instead of existing as noticeable grilles have become a little strip in between the screen and the chassis. Although, a definite plus point for the Eye is that HTC has actually added a physical video camera shutter button to the right hand side of the device.

HTC Desire Eye vs HTC One M8, cell phone

Even so, when it comes to create, HTC’s premium One M8 smartphone remains the better selection here for both comfort and visual appeals.


We’re still waiting to hear on what the rates will be for the HTC Desire Eye, although we can say for some certainty that it’ll be lower than the beginning rate of the One M8.

This makes the Eye the much better choice if you’re looking for a budget phone. Although it deserves pointing out that the HTC One M8 can be had for an excellent rate if you take a while to go shopping around.


When HTC exposed the One M8 earlier this year, it was the most effective phone in the company’s steady. On paper, that might not strictly hold true anymore.

Both phones make use of a quad-core 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 CPU and both have 2GB of RAM at their disposal. Storage is likewise at 32GB for both and each has an Adreno 330 graphics.

The os for both phones is Google’s Android 4.4 which has made enhancements when it comes to efficiency and power consumption. But, similar to every HTC phone ever, you get the business’s own Sense UI packaged on top. Thus, you’ll discover some unnecessary apps, like Power To Give in there, however also some helpful functions like the business’s BlinkFeed news aggregator.

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Where the two phones really come together are there photographical functions. Which you buy is likely to depend on whether you prefer taking images of yourself or of other things.

The front-facing 13MP electronic camera on the Desire Eye is equipped with a dual-LED flash and will certainly outperform the 5MP front-facing video camera on the HTC One M8 whenever. Likewise, the rear-facing 13MP snapper on the Desire Eye is a match for the 4 UltraPixel rear-facing one on the One M8.

When it pertains to just straight pictures, the Desire Eye has the edge here. However, the One M8 can take pride in added functions, particularly its Duo depth sensor that the Desire Eye is lacking. The Duo sense records range from the object you’re photographing and lets you re-focus after you have actually taken the image. Just how much you’ll use it everyday is open to question, however if you like to get creative with your snaps, it can be a nice addition.

HTC Desire Eye vs HTC One M8, Mobile Phone

The One M8 likewise showcases HTC’s ZOE application, that lets you take both video and still images at the same time – creating a brief clip that you can pull the best still shot from.

Ultimately though, photography is exactly what the Desire Eye is all about – it’s front facing electronic camera is not simply much better than the One M8’s, but likewise every other Android phone on the market today. If you desire an HTC phone strictly for photography, then you’re finest to go with the Desire Eye.


Neither phone showcases a detachable battery, so you’re not going to have the ability to stockpile on spares. Regardless of being introduced back in March, the M8 can still declare a bigger battery, at 2,600 mAh, than the Desire Eye which just handles 2,400 mAh.

What’s more, offered the larger screen size of the Desire Eye, it’s likely to drink up power faster when you’re out and about. We haven’t explicitly checked this yet, but it’s affordable to assume that the HTC One M8 is the better option when it concerns battery.

HTC has geared up both gadgets with an energy saving mode – a popular feature that was present on the HTC One M7. It suffices to keep each phone running for more than a day on a single charge however will certainly hamper exactly what you can do with it.


As with any top smartphone, there’s lots of connectivity in both gadgets. Each only includes one physical port – a microUSB slot located on the bottom for charging and copying media.

Thankfully, HTC has consisted of a microSD slot in both devices letting you broaden the storage with a card approximately 128GB in size.

HTC Desire Eye vs HTC One M8, Mobile device

The remainder of the connection is handled wirelessly, each offers Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, NFC and LTE 4G information connections. The HTC One M8 has FELINE 6 LTE which theoretically makes it possible to hit 300mbps of data downloads over a 4G connection.

Quick verdict

Unless you’re desperate to take a lot of selfies, or simply use your phone mainly for photography, we ‘d still recommend taking the HTC One M8 over the newer Desire Eye.

While requirements are similar, the HTC One M8 is a lovely phone, with excellent design and simply the ideal 5-inch type factor. Losing the 2 inches of screen from the Desire Eye is something you can cope with when your phone is shaped from aluminum instead of polycarbonate.

Price, as always, is an issue to consider however and if you don’t want to stump up for an M8 then the Eye is a completely appropriate fallback – providing you great HTC functions like BlinkFeed at (exactly what we hope is) a lower price.

That being said, apart from the selfies, the HTC One M8 does everything the Desire Eye can do albeit in a nicer, more superior package.