Urban World - try this cool and interactive app, shows visualization of world growth

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Urban World includes a sweet visualization of the world’s population growth & contrasts, gross domestic product, the center of worldwide economic center of gravity and various other fascinating statistics that are attracting to look at, connect with and pick up from.

Price: Free

Tested on: Samsung Galaxy S4, Nexus 7, iPad Mini
Content Rating: Everyone

Pros & Cons:


  • Cool device imagines interesting stats around the world and gradually!
  • Learn about & compare world populace and GDP growth!


  • Finely niche app not intended for everyone.
  • Tiny text, some attributes can be missed so tap and discover everything.


If I asked you what’s the present fastest expanding country worldwide- you need to obviously reply with the answer China. What if I told you the cumulative GDP of arising markets would surpass industrialized nations in simply over ten years? This is the sort of demographics information Urban World results in consider. It’s essentially an interactive representation of five years of research by the McKinsey Global Institute in a mobile app for Android and iOS.

The app is build around this hipster visualization tool like Lookout’s Mobile Danger Tracker app or approximately just like Facebook’s Friendship Visualization. It aspects thousands of years consisting of previous, present and projected analytics (from 1 CE to 2010 and projected to 2025) from countries around the world.

The 2 primary tabs of the app are Explore city data and View economic timeline. The former permits you to rotate, pinch & zoom or search countries and over 2600 cities (these can be filtered by top 600, 200, 75 and 25). Tapping one shows a breakdown of the populace (by age 0-14, 15-64 and 65+) tape-recorded in 2010, then tap the lower tab to move forward to 2025. Examine to the leading right and you see a tiny compare toggle that conjures up a split screen for you to compare against another city or nation. Favorites can be saved, nonetheless, there’s is no set of saved favorites to rapidly jump back to and obviously you can share to social media.

The latter feature shows the financial world growth on a timeline. Under the financial center of gravity tab homes little informative details that demonstrates how monetary impact was biggest in the Persian age, moved through Europe in the Industrial age, then to the Americas during the world wars, back towards Asia with Japan’s development and forecasted to move back towards China with their exponential resurgence.


This is all juicy details and I want there were even more features to pick up from the data as it’s rather limited. Though not intended for everyone, I’d advise it to academia, company & economics majors.

Ease of Use:

The app intends for personal expedition, therefore it’s restricted labels and even more about the visuals and discovery. Some might find this unintuitive, nonetheless, I highly disagree … it’s remarkable!

Frequently Used:

I do not predict this as an often utilized app. It’s more novelty and helpful to those interested for educational/presentation functions.


This is where the application absolutely excels. My only small gripe is that text is rather small, otherwise it’s a splendid interactive screen of demographics.