Updated: Xperia Honami Mini materializes as Sony teases its bigger brother

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There’s been a ton of Mini phones on the marketplace recently (HTC One Mini, Motorola Android Mini and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini anyone?) plus reports of Sony making its own Mini to join the fray.

The expected Sony Xperia Honami Mini has appeared in an additional leakage, this time in a blurry contrast shot alongside a BlackBerry gadget.

The source declared the Honami Mini is packing a Snapdragon 800, the same processor that may be in the new Sony Xperia i1 (or Honami or Z1). This may be a bit of a stretch since the Mini is rumored to have a 4.3-inch 720p screen.

However, the leak likewise said the Mini’ll come with 2GB of RAM and a 20.7 MP camera sensor with 1/2.3 F 2.0 Sony G lens. Inside you’ll find 16GB of storage space and a battery sitting at 2400 mAh, which matches earlier leaked reports.

Sony’s teasing us again, too

The Honami Mini is not the only thing tantalizing Sony Xperia fans.

Just like last week’s social media tease, Sony required to Twitter and Facebook again to upload another # bestofsony glimpse of its anticipated flagship, the lots of monikered Sony Xperia i1.

Xperia tease

And rather of the very little power button Sony has revealed us a little the camera (or even more specifically, a G lens) – a feature from Sony’s line of lenses for DSLRs and digicams.

This confirms earlier reports of the lens which means rumors of a 20.65 MP camera with a resolution of 3936 x 5248 on the Xperia i1 might show to be real.

We will discover quickly what the camera can do if Sony in fact showcases the brand-new Xperia gadget at a possible IFA disclose on Sept. 4.

Update: Hold onto your hats, because this Honami train simply continues rolling.

Xperia Z1

A series of illicit images apparently from a hands on session with the Honami (the larger variation, not the Mini) made it online today. The original pics appear to have been sent out to 404 limbo, however we’ve a couple of courtesy of Digi-Wo (through SlashGear).

There’s not a load to obtain from the snaps, though the gadget looks rather thick.

It appears to have plenty in usual with the Xperia Z, though an individual noted it’s heavier than that gadget and its display is more “white” as colors are less saturated. The effect is reportedly due to the phone’s use of X-Reality tech versus Sony’s Bravia Engine 2.

Image credit: SlashGear