Chillingo’s auto-side running platformer, Totem Runner, has actually been out on iOS for virtually a year now however has only just recently came down on the Google Play Store. If you’ve actually seen pictures or gameplay videos of it, you’ll immediately observe its distinct and wonderfully painted visuals that truly sets it apart from other side-scrolling games in the market.

In Totem Runner, you play as sort of a shaman out to repopulate the now-monstrous world with mother nature. Every step you take leaves behind a wake of lawn and luscious plants that are a treat to witness. As you face barriers in front of you, you’re able to transform into a few different types of animals to overcome each hurdle in real shaman design.

Totem runner

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Tapping and holding onto the icon on the bottom right will turn you into a crow which permits you the gift of air travel. When you’re in crow kind, up and down directional buttons will appear on the bottom left of the screen to permit you to manage the height at which you want to fly. If you discover a challenge or opponent on land, the gamer then has to click on the bottom delegated change into a bull and stampede its method through. It may seem like an easy mode would be to keep switching between the bird and the bull, but the developers plainly want you to keep returning to your natural human kind every from time to time, due to the fact that when you’ve actually been in animal type for too long, a huge evil monster will appear on the right of the screen and gobble you up as you get close. Game Over. That does add a layer of depth to the game however, as it seeks to test your reflexes and finger speed.

When running, flying and charging in the game, you collect pink round blobs that contribute to your rating and, more importantly, a round bar on top left of your screen. When that meter is charged complete, clicking on it’ll unleash the dragon kind, which is essentially Godmode for a particular distance. Unnecessary to say, these 3 animal kinds with a good range of challenges, adversaries and backgrounds make the game a frantic and an extremely vibrant experience.

The problem does ramp up substantially after the first chapter, so anticipate to be a little annoyed as some levels need at least a couple of trial and error runs in between checkpoints. Each time you pass away and reboot from the checkpoint, you lose points which counts to the ever popular three-star system. So acquiring all few stars needs near excellence throughout the whole level. In my time playing the game, I’ve actually only handled to obtain 3 stars on 2 levels.

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Maybe it’s actually become too usual nowadays, however when a game doesn’t include any sort of upgrade system or character modification or unique powerups to open, I feel like it’s insufficient. Hence Totem Runner falls under this category. It’s enjoyable to dip into first, but what incentive do I need to replay the levels or gather these stars? That would not be so bad if the story is at least interesting, but Totem Runner’s tale is hardly highlighted in the game. So after completing a couple of levels, I’d change to a game like Nun Attack: Run & Gun (same genre) due to the fact that I’m so near to opening an uber weapon for my bathrobe using gun-wielding ladies.

Do not get me wrong, Totem Runner is beautiful (powered by the Unity engine) and challenging to play, I just do not see much point in playing it after the trick of changing in between animal forms wears thin. Also, just the tutorial and first chapter (which consists of 4 levels) are complimentary to play. The other 4 chapters need you to buy the full version, which costs $1.07.

Just as well. If you’re trying to find a brand-new pretty looking casual game to fill the void in the subway, don’t hesitate to attempt the first chapter out. It’s not wonderful, but it’s not bad also.