Everyone has a various taste, and the good thing about Android smartphones is that you can tailor even the tiniest details, and make your phone special with the right apps. You can personalize your lock and homescreen, find the right battery and social networks widgets and even more.

1. Backgrounds and Wallpapers HD

Backgrounds Wallpapers HD Top 5 Apps For Customizing And Personalizing Your Android Phone

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If you like to set a brand-new wallpaper every once in a while, you could run out of choices quickly. However if you download this app you can pick from over 2,5000 distinct high-quality wallpapers and backgrounds and new images are included every day. It’s lots of different themes to select from such as animals, sports, flowers, individuals, quotes, vintage, colorful and patterns.

2. Go SMS Pro Emoji Plugin

GO SMS Pro Emoji Plugin Top 5 Apps For Customizing And Personalizing Your Android Phone
If you’ve go SMS Pro set up, Emoji can make everything a lot cuter. They’re extremely adorable emoticons with great deals of themes such as animals, flowers, flags, structures, people, and so on. Go to SMS Pro’s Settings, then to application settings and Emoji encoding setups to enable Emoji and make sure that all your buddies get it too so that they can get the charming emoticons that you’re sending them.

3. Battery Widget Reborn

Battery Widget Reborn Top 5 Apps For Customizing And Personalizing Your Android Phone

Although this battery widget is still in BETA, it’s already pretty popular and it can make things really simple for you. The battery level indicator is a round design that suites Android’s design well, and the app gives you all the basic battery details, and faster ways to power-summary, a background sync and wifi and BT setups. It alerts you of the battery condition and predicts how long the batter will last and how much battery individual apps are making use of.

4. SO.HO

SO.HO SOHO Social Homescreen Top 5 Apps For Customizing And Personalizing Your Android Phone
This app is a good idea for individuals who’re a fan of the Facebook Home app, however this app likewise permits Tweet updates and Instagram feeds besides Facebook status updates. You can like, comment, Tweet, check-in and more without needing to open a specific app, which is really orderly if you make use of social networks a lot. The set up of this app is simple and you can choose which social media accounts you wish to make use of.

5. GO Launcher EX

GO Launcher EX Top 5 Apps For Customizing And Personalizing Your Android Phone
If you want to change your phone entirely, you should download the GO Launcher EX app. This app enables you to personalize your Android skin entirely, and you can change the app drawer and home display shift, add themes, install customized widgets, set motion functions and even more. By simply tapping on your house screen you can include folders, wallpapers, themes and widgets. It’s more than 10,000 individualized styles and more than 15 free widgets offered (clock, switch, weather condition, calendar, etc).

One of the best aspects of Android phones is that you can individualize practically every little thing. You can keep messing around with your phone up until it’s entirely your style, and with these apps you’ll discover it easier to personalize your phone.