Apple and Google might be strong competitors, yet that does not suggest the two companies have actually made away dealing with each various other from time-to-time. Instance in factor: we’ve learned that in 2014, Google paid Apple $1 billion bucks to direct web traffic to its online search engine above all others.

In the very same court transcript that made known the quantity of cash Google has generated on Android (hint: a lot of zeroes), Bloomberg has exposed the search-related contract struck between both firms. It’s likewise noted in the record that someone privy to inner details shared that, ‘at one point,’ the earnings split between Apple and Google was 34 %. Just what isn’t clear is who obtained the short-end of the straw throughout that stage of the deal.

As the records explains, Apple’s past ventures with Google have actually been unknown to the general public. Currently that the information surrounding the offer are in the air, it makes you wonder if any kind of kind of comparable commercial business agreement is still ongoing.

I have my questions, as Apple has presented an obvious shift in support away from making use of Google as its default search engine toward other, non-Google offerings in recent variations of iOS. One circumstances of this modification is when iOS 8 prompted a change to show Bing results in advance of Google in Spotlight Look.

It can be merely business structure, or there can be much more to it compared to that. Maybe Tim Chef’s really public lambasting of Google and also that other Silicon Valley companies that apparently make money off of clients’ info hints that the two business have given that severed the line of communication based on ethical differences. But, unless the records proceeds to drop even more juicy details, we may never discover out.