I think we can all concur that we just love games that advises of movies, right? If yes, then this game is ideal for you!

DotEmu is back with yet an additional wonderful game. And this time they handle an additional Jordan Mechner game. The game is an Android version of the internationally-acclaimed 1997 COMPUTER classic.

The time is July 14 and with Europe on the brink of war, the elegant Orient Express departs Paris for Constantinople, plunging American physician Robert Cath into a maelstrom of treachery, love, and worldwide intrigue. You play as Dr. Robert Cath in this point and click style experience puzzle.

The game features around 20+ hours of game play. You can communicate with 30 characters who behave like actual home owner on a train, moving in real-time and chatting in their native languages.

Explore a richly detailed, historically precise 3D entertainment of the 1914 Orient Express where your activities impact other characters habits, making every play-through different.


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The Last Express got lots of good testimonials so you can anticipate it to be excellent and a more fully grown game than exactly what you’d generally see in the Play Store.