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HTC started actually focusing on the cameras just recently with the HTC Desire Eye and the HTC One M8 Eye, and now it appears the plastic-but-powerful HTC One E8 may be successor for a new three-letter addition to its name.

The “Eye” name suggests a smartphone with a concentrate on photography and selfies, consisting of high-powered cameras and a suite of photo-enhancing software application tools.

Now Indian imports/exports data site Zauba (not to be confused with fake New York-based importer/exporter Vandelay Industries) has found a gadget called the “HTC One E8 Eye” in a shipping manifest in between India and Taiwan, triggering all sort of speculation.

This isn’t really the first time Zauba has actually mentioned something of note, so this report may deserve focusing to.

Gimmick or gotta-have?

When HTC launched the Desire Eye TechRadar questioned whether it’s the best selfie phone around, with its dual 13-megapixel cams (front and back!).

We likewise questioned whether the subdued front camera is truly a worthy flagship feature or more of a gimmick, however that didn’t stop HTC from raking onward with its prepare for the “Eye” branding to expand to other handsets.

So far HTC’s Eye handsets have proved hard to obtain ahold of, specifically if you do not reside in Asia, however despite our misgivings here’s hoping that changes if the One E8 Eye shows real.