Apple opened up the Pandora’s box with the iOS 8 when it announced that it is prepared to sustain third party keyboards. Several popular Android key-board makers consisting of the sort of Swiftkey were very fast to beat the gun and have a key-board in position for the apple iphone too. Thanks to a keyboard that is currently capable, not a whole lot of these initiatives really took off as they did not include a great deal of exactly what the original iPhone keyboards lacked. And no, we are not discussing keyboards that let you bring Gifs or things, however keyboards strictly for those who make use of the keyboard purely for inputting on.

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And for this function alone, possibly Microsoft has actually brought the finest keyboard for the apple iphone. The Word Flow key-board, that has been commonly anticipated is out for the iPhone albeit just in the United States. In order to experience the key-board, you will certainly should be on the US shop on your device as the worldwide rollout is still awaited.

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The best feature regarding the keyboard is that it has a cool arc method, which turns the rectangle-shaped contour of the key-board to an arc, makings keying by one hand a real wind. This is specifically helpful if you have the bigger apple iphone 6 Plus or the 6s Plus, where it’s impossible to type with one practical the normal key-board. The keyboard likewise has predictive texting so it could gain from your usage pattern as well as anticipate just what would be the next word that you would key in as well as anticipate the exact same, so you could just tap it and save a bunch of keystrokes.


There is likewise an interesting theming engine, where you could submit a picture of your option as the background, though we are not really the follower of this as it really obstructs the legibility of the characters on the keyboard. The application does come with a set of customizable keyboard backgrounds by default too. if you do not such as the curved keyboard you can likewise alter the angle of curvature or just utilize the standard rectangular one.

Other than the fact that it is not offered internationally, the major issue with the keyboard is that it sustains just the English US language, so if you intend to kind out, say in Hindi or other language of your option, you remain in a soup. We presume that there would be lots of updates coming our way from Microsoft as well as soon the key-board would certainly arrive on Android as well. You can proceed and also download the new keyboard from here.