The best iPhone 6 Plus deals

The iPhone 6 Plus is here and while you can purchase it from any variety of places you can also end up paying any variety of rates and get differing allowances for your money.

Basically it’s simply one huge headache waiting to occur, or in our case a headache that’s currently occurred, because we’ve hunted out the best offers so you don’t need to.

For Vodafone, EE and O2 we have actually got both a leading deal, which is popular and great value for money and the most affordable deal, which makes the iPhone 6 Plus as affordable as possible but will not necessarily have excellent allowances.

So whichever path you wish to take we have actually got you covered. Continue reading for all the information.


One of the most popular Vodafone offers right now is for a 16GB variation of the iPhone 6 Plus in gold with unrestricted texts, unrestricted minutes and 1GB of information (following 3 months of endless information), for ₤ 38.50 per month plus ₤ 57.99 upfront.

That’s through mobilephonesdirect and over 24 months it comes out at ₤ 981.99, which isn’t really too bad for a brand name new flagship, especially considering the strong allowances.

But if it’s a bit too expensive for you then you can shave some cash off, as a 16GB variation of the iPhone 6 Plus is likewise readily available in gold on Vodafone for ₤ 26.50 per month plus ₤ 195.99 upfront, coming out at ₤ 831.99 total which’s likewise through mobilephonesdirect.

So it’s around ₤ 150 more affordable, however the allowances are far more restrictive, as it features 100 minutes, unrestricted texts and 100MB of data (following three months of limitless information). That’s really not going to go far for any individual however the lightest users, but it sure is cheap.

The best iPhone 6 Plus deals


One of the most popular O2 deals right now likewise includes some great allowances, specifically 2GB of data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts. That’s with O2 direct and it’s for a 16GB iPhone 6 Plus in gray, coming out at ₤ 48 per month plus ₤ 9.99 upfront. That’s ₤ 1,161.99 overall, so it’s very costly however you get a lot for your money.

You can save a little by choosing a 16GB version in silver and paying ₤ 199.99 upfront. If you do that then you can get the exact same allowances (2GB of data, unlimited minutes and endless texts), but only pay ₤ 38 per month, coming out at a somewhat even more cost effective ₤ 1,111.99 general which’s also with O2.

The best iPhone 6 Plus deals


If you’re information mad then you’ll have an interest in our leading EE deal, which gives you 5GB of 4G data along with limitless minutes and texts. That’s through Affordable Mobiles and expenses ₤ 45.99 per month plus ₤ 139.99 upfront. All in all that comes to ₤ 1,243.75, which can hardly be called budget friendly however you do get a whole lot of data with it. That’s for a 16GB iPhone 6 Plus in silver.

If that’s too rich for your blood then the most affordable EE deal right now is simply ₤ 14.99 per month. That is with a high ₤ 499.99 upfront expense, however it still just amounts to ₤ 859.75 over 24 months. That’s with mobilephonesdirect and you’ll get a 16GB version of the 6 Plus in gold, with 500 minutes, unrestricted texts and 500MB of 4G information, which is in fact pretty excellent for the money.