The 6 best selfie snappers around, Mobile device

Selfies have been a popular type of narcissism given that the first caveman drew a self-portrait on a cave wall utilizing a mixture of dinosaur blood and mud, but just just recently has humankind lastly raised the selfie to an art form.

And like any art form, selfies require the right devices – you can’t paint without dinosaur blood, after all.

Luckily gadget makers are finally beginning to cotton on to the fact that the selfie is the most essential type of self-expression readily available to the contemporary phone-using public.

That’s where these gadgets are available in. They might have beautiful screens and good specifications, or they could not. What is essential is that they take better selfies than your pals’ phones, and they have it down pat.

Huawei Ascend P7

Chinese company Huawei understands exactly what the selfie crowd requires: even more megapixels!

Appropriately the Huawei Ascend P7 packs an 8MPl snapper onto its face so you can see every pore and wrinkle on its 1080p screen as you make faces that resemble numerous animals.

Huawei Ascent P7, Android

Huawei’s most current flagship has good specifications in addition to that charming cam, though importing it may be more trouble than it deserves when there are a lot of others with equally strong claims to the ‘king of the selfie’ mantle.

Still, if more megapixels is all you seek, the Ascend 7 is the means to go.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

The just recently announced Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime stands apart for being a mid-range phone currently scheduled to introduce just in India, but the genuinely selfie-obsessed might consider importing it.

Its 5MP front cam is impressive when compared with other phones in its class, however it’s not simply the megapixels that will guarantee your selfies wow friends and enjoyed ones.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, ipad

No, exactly what’s more vital is the Grand Prime’s front cam’s wide-angle lens, which will certainly ensure you’re able to get all your friends – or cats, whatever floats your boat – in the shot with you.

Nokia Lumia 735

In TechRadar’s review of the Nokia Lumia 735 we called the colorful Microsoft phone a ‘inexpensive and joyful handset.’

But more importantly, we likewise called it the rescuer of the selfie.

Nokie Lumia 735, windows mobile phone

The Nokia 735 and its sister phone, the Nokia 730, sport a 5MP front electronic camera, which undoubtedly isn’t fairly as excellent as the Ascend P7’s 8MP shutter.

But more importantly these Windows Phones also have an exclusive Lumia Selfie app that supplies numerous very vital impacts (sepia!) and lets you take selfies with the more effective rear cam thanks to an useful beeping countdown timer.

Sony Xperia C3

The Sony Xperia C3 shares the 5MP found on many of these phones’ front cams, but likewise has some extras that any self-respecting selfie-obsessor definitely freaking needs.

Namely, the Xperia C3’s front electronic camera packs a ‘PROselfie’ sensing unit with a soft LED flash that need to completely brighten your unquestionably stunning mug.

Sony Xperia C3, cell phone

It likewise has a ‘Superior Auto’ mode and some fun augmented impacts, like laser eyes. Who doesn’t want laser eyes?

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

If you focus on the phone market then you’ve no doubt heard a lot about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, however have you heard that it’s a remarkable selfie-taker in addition to being a viciously spec ‘d phablet?

The Note 4’s selfie appeal is twofold: first of all and foremost, it lets you tap on the rear-mounted heart rate sensing unit to take an image with the front electronic camera, instead of requiring you turn your thumb around to the front button.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Mobile Phone

Considering the Note 4’s sheer size, this makes obsessively photographing your very own face much easier than it may otherwise have been.

But maybe much more interesting is the Note 4’s selfie panorama ability, a distinct function as far as we can inform.

The huge Samsung phone lets you sew together numerous portrait-oriented pictures take with the front electronic camera into one super-wide, strangely tall selfie. Now if that’s not a phone-selling function then we obviously have no idea exactly what is.

HTC RECamera

OK, we’re cheating a bit with this one, and in more tools than one.

First is the truth that the HTC RECamera hasn’t even been properly announced yet, just teased in a quick video.

HTC RECamera, Mobile device

Then there’s the truth that it’s not even a phone or a still video camera.

But it’s hard to disregard that this GoPro-like cam seems formed exactly like a small periscope – and one that might hypothetically be quite easily pointed straight at one’s face.

Coincidence? We think not.