When you get an iPhone, you should consider the accessories. You’re visiting need a case, a charger and even more, and it’s simple to make the error of buying the first or the least expensive thing you see, however this can be risky. Check out the 5 add-ons that we advise:

1. The Case: ShockDrop case, $39.95

The 5 Best iPhone Accessories

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There are numerous great iPhone cases out there, but the ShockDrop cases are created to keep your phone as safe as possible, it’s 10 mm of shock soaking up silicon at the edges and it’s a movie display protector that’ll make it through being banged against a wall hard or falling on a bathroom floor. The volume controls and slit evidence port covers make it even more cool.

2. Camera: Orbit Camera Solution – $239

The 5 Best iPhone Accessories
This isn’t a very low-cost accessory but it’s great for people that enjoy photography. It’s a physical case with 3 different kinds of lenses: 2x optical zoom lens, 180-degree fish-eye view and 67x wide-angle lens. It can be found in red, black and silver. If you think that it’s too costly you can purchase the 3 different lenses separately too.

3. Battery: ZaggSparq Portable Battery Back Up and Charger – $100

The 5 Best iPhone Accessories
This is truly cool for if you’re traveling, or if you don’t have a great location at your job or at institution to charge your phone. This battery + wall charger is small enough to keep it in your wallet and it can charge your phone a minimum of twice. There are two USB ports so that you can charge 2 various gadgets at once. There are 5 LED lights that tell you precisely the amount of your phone is fees.

4. Headsets: Bose AE2i Sound Headphones – $180

The 5 Best iPhone Accessories
If you aren’t a fan of iPhone’s normal earphones, and rather have comfortable earphones that you put over your ear, this is what you’re trying to find. The sound is fantastic, and the headphones have an inbuilt mic so that you can take calls easily, and it’s a remote so that you can manage what you’re listening to.

5. Winter season – Agloves Original – $20

The 5 Best iPhone Accessories
This is a rather cool development for individuals who live in a cold location, like to go skiing or various other tasks in the cold. These gloves keep you warm, however they’re touchscreen proof, implying that you can utilize your phone when you wear them. There are other brands of smartphone gloves, however a few of them look extremely funky, whereas the Agloves Originals look practically like normal gloves.

It’s difficult to choose the right accessories for your iPhone, but it’s something that everyone should do and ideally this list will assist you in discovering the right things.