Take cover: The Nexus 7 2 is leaking all over the place

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The follow up to the Nexus 7 is suddenly looking extremely genuine.

Leaks and reports for the Nexus 7 2 litter our rear view mirror, however pricing, release information, pictures and a video of the tablet have actually all unexpectedly materialized today.

Of course, absolutely nothing is official till Google gives the word, but let us explore the new information, shall we?

First up, launch. According to internal Workplace Max files sent out to Engadget, “the new Google Nexus 7” is because of arrive in stores by July 20. The slate will be offered together with the present variation, and shops are advised to just sell trial Nexus 7 Ones when stock runs out.

Google earlier announced it’s hosting an event July 24, so the timing seems right for sales to start that day or right after. In fact, we’ve actually found out about a July release for the tablet before, so the chips are definitely stacking up for a this-month launching.

Two timing

The Office Maximum materials discuss a 32GB version with no mention of a 16GB model, but we can rely on Android Central for more on that, plus some cost points.

In a leaked retail stock listing, a device referred to as a Nexus 2 7″ 16GB quad-core is priced at $229 (about ₤ 150, AU$ 248). The 32GB quad-core model rings up at $269 (about ₤ 176, AU$ 291), though an additional screen sent by Engadget’s tipster shows the model costing $269.99.

The present 16GB variation costs $199 (₤ 159, AU$ 249) while the 32GB Wi-Fi just strikes $249 (₤ 199, AU$ 299). Add mobile information and the 32GB jumps to $299 (₤ 239, AU$ 349).

Photo finish

We could’ve logged off as rather happy campers with possible pricing and a launch to anticipate, but then purported photos of the darn thing and a video went ahead and appeared.

A tipster sent what’re supposedly Nexus 7 2 snaps to Android Central, though it’s worth keeping in mind the slate shown can be a prototype/different from exactly what we’ve when the product launches. Or a complete fake. Suggestions? Douse them with some salt.

Take cover: The Nexus 7 2 is leaking all over the place

Specs for the tablet are detailed as a 7-inch LCD display, a 1.2 MP camera on the front and a 15MP snapper on the back. The processor is pegged as a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro – not the Snapdragon 600 formerly rumored – and the tablet looks to have dual speakers.

There’s also obviously a jaw-dropping 4GB of RAM in this puppy, something we will need to see to believe. You’ll also observe that the back is a smooth matte finish, not the rippled back of old.

Finally, the slate seen below is explained to run Android 4.3, meaning next Wednesday can yield outcomes on both the hardware and software front.