Realistic or not, this game is fun.

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There’s around 70 tracks that are arrived settings like Woods, Ocean, Evening, etc. The maps are looks essentially like the other games Djinnworks have actually made, however they look great and fits the game completely. The maps are all different and aren’t made terribly at all. You brake, increase, lean forward and backwards, much like other cycling game. The tracks are not too hard or too easy. As you proceed, it undoubtedly gets tougher however then you unlock new bikes that are much better than the previous ones. The game includes 15 different bikes. All of these can be opened though liking their Facebook site, viewing video ads and get sufficient stars which you obtain from completing the tracks within a time limit. These limitations could be difficult for some and easy for others. I advise not giving up if you can’t get 3 stars instantly. Some maps were created for you to test them first so you know when to increase and brake. There’s red and yellow brake indicators in the game too help you understand when to brake or not. So don’t fret, it isn’t that tough, maybe in the start when you just began playing.