I was never ever added tennis till I began using the Nintendo Wii. And since then I’ve actually been waiting for a tennis game that I can actually get into and I lastly found a tennis game that really sticks out and this one is titled Stick Tennis. Please keep reading fellow gamers.

When I saw the title ‘Stick’ tennis I believed to myself’ Oh-No they’ve actually an additional stick game released’ I actually was fearing the worst. But as it ends up this game is not really half bad. The court graphics are actually great and the characters, have a slim stick look with a cartoon like style.

When you first play this game you’ll have a small tutorial, called the ‘practice rounds’. At the tennis club you get a timing meter left wing of the screen which assists you to sharpen up your game. However in basic the best training is easy – conform, score the points, and win. Occasionally you need to wait to play an awesome shot, at other times you’ve to swipe for dear life in order to stay in a fast-and-furious rally, particularly when receiving serve from a leading player. As you go up the levels the difference in between returning a first and second serve becomes visible – with the previous you’re just trying to react, with the other placing and timing the shot for maximum effect.

Stick Tennis for Android is a remarkably user-friendly to play tennis game, holding your Android gadget with one hand and swiping with the forefinger of the various other. It’s almost like playing Wii Tennis. Aggressive play is rewarded, as is moving your challenger about the court. In reality the only facet of the game that does not ring totally real is that we discovered it simpler to win points when returning serve than when serving.

  • There are likewise various game mode and they are:
    – The Casual Sets ‘training mode’
    – Word Domination
    – Daily Challenge
    – And ‘The Slams’, consisting of countries, USA, England, France and Australia

The only complimentary modes in the game are the ‘Relaxed Sets’ which are like your training rounds, ‘Daily Obstacle’ matches and 4 matches in ‘Word Supremacy. In World Domination it’s you versing the words finest players, the game consists of Tennis legends such as: John McEnroe, Pat Rafter, Rod Laver, Martina Hingis, Steffi Graf, Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras simply among others.

And each ‘Slams’ tournament does include 32 matches. And present Tennis players, you can either play as them or go against them. Including favorites: Andy Roddick, Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Caroline Wozniacki, Serena Williams. And while all these Tennis players are cartoon stick figures in the game, there’s are slight similarities to appearances and game play.

Now the game may be cost-free to download, but the in-app investments for most of the game are truly crazy-expensive. And on top of that you need to purchase each tournament separately and the ‘World Domination’ mode.


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Stick Tennis is an impressive game. Much like Wii Tennis it’s fun and addicting to play. You’ve an user-friendly user interface, that looks fantastic. You also have reasonable sounds and the gameplay is enjoyable and easy to find out. You do not have to be a tennis fan to enjoy this game. You can download this game onto your Android System from the Google Play Store today. Happy Gaming Gamers