StarCloud - play tactical stellar arcade game of conquer or be conquered!

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StarCloud is a game of tactics to fight unusual enemy and conquer all worlds in the galaxy- else be conquered yourself. Review even more to see why you should be playing!

Price: Free, $1.99

Tested on: Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Content Rating: Everyone

Pros & Cons:


  • Interesting and addicting approach game of conquer or be conquered!
  • Brilliant graphics!
  • Ability to make your very own levels in the Pro variation!


  • Essentially just 5 levels unless buying the Pro version, nonetheless, then you’re developing your very own difficulty.
  • Unsure if optimized for phones.


StarCloud begins with you taking in an earth with herds of fighter ships as well as your alien opponents doing the same. The bigger the planet to conquer the more you enhance your ships (illustrated by the number atop the planet). And more ships suggest you’ll likely overpower an opponent when both are dueling for control of the earth. As time winds, you gradually accumulate ships for dispatch on world(s) in your possession. Controls are easy as they need you to drag forces from planet to world. While the supreme goal is to be the first to grow to all worlds in victory. It quickly ends up being a game of speed, multi-tasking barrages of combatants and techniques.

For example, you can decide to target big earths initially to quickly increase army size yet this activity has threat of taking too long to attain as opponent fighters approach. You can likewise opt to divide your forces and attack more earths at the same time however this tactic runs the risk of not having enough troops on an earth the aliens invest stronger. There are different difficulty levels of play, nevertheless, regretfully appears to be only 5 predefined levels. This is why you buy the Pro variation which unlocks’Random Level’ and ‘Level Designer’ functions. The latter offers you the control to position earths and size how you want, yet both adds more range and durability to the arcade title- though I don’t understand why there are just 5 levels. Finally, I am uncertain if the game is fully enhanced for phones. On level 5 on the Galaxy S4 phone the map was cut off and I mightn’t efficiently see my starter earth in order to advance or play that round, which lead me to finish up on a Galaxy Note 8 tablet. What if I just had a phone and wished to play in order to examine upgrading to professional? This is a minor issue though and can be taken care of in an upgrade.

Fun Factor & Addictive:

StarCloud will have you frantically swiping all over your display in a race to beat the competitors- it’s a fun title as well as more addictive. Random and especially level designer modes will keep you returning for even more!


Graphics are outstanding and really crisp with great animation.

Accelerometer, Vibration & Noise:

There’s a cool movie album and vibration plays a nominal duty in the game, though these can be switched off in the settings menu.