Look, I know it’s a niche thing to speak about – however the news today that Sony might be considering an 18:9 display for its next handset is outstanding information for the smartphone-buying public.

If you missed it, Japan Displays Inc (JDI) has revealed a 6-inch display making use of the brand-new element proportion, just like what we’ve seen on the LG G6 and also the Samsung Galaxy S8. 

As Sony is among 3 brand names that make up JDI (the others being Hitachi as well as Toshiba) and has actually made use of JDI panels in its phones in the past, it’s not a large leap to presume it could do the exact same here.

The 18:9 facet ratio is generally simply a bit longer than the 16:9 seen on most mobile phones and also Televisions nowadays. It’s a style that LG proclaimed the virtues of on stage as Univisium, something that’s a lot more lifelike for films and TV shows.

Whether it will take off as a choice for future programming stays to be seen, yet having an 18:9 display screen on a mobile phone certainly makes the gadget look, well, simply more advanced. And in the existing climate of all phones looking rather similar, that can only be an advantage for Sony.

I appreciate the paradox in me saying that Sony needs to duplicate other brand names to look one-of-a-kind, yet that’s missing the point. Sure, it’s been done already – and also come September, we’ll likely see the iPhone 8 taking the very same path also, as Apple wants to lose the bezels and provide even more screen to take a look at on its following handset.

But Sony has heritage in display modern technology, calling up the top quality on its Xperia phone display screens utilizing its very own design for many years. Sony recognizes how you can make a decent panel – supplying others in the smart device sector for a long period of time – so following this announcement it should enjoy the advantages of exactly what it’s subsidiary is up to.

The time is right

Sony phones require a layout reboot – this is something I’ve been saying for years, and currently that bezels are promptly heading out of fashion it’s time to take the plunge. 

While I appreciate that there’s a famous aim to the Sony phone, as well as the brand name has actually done some wonderful things making the black rectangle a lot more eye-catching in the last few years, a Sony Xperia XZ 2 with really little bezel would look sensational.

And I’m not saying if Sony produced a phone with marginal bezels it would instantaneously be a hit – no, the reason is that the Japanese brand name (despite uncaring sales recently) is still one of one of the most technically experienced smartphone manufacturers out there.

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I defy any person to enjoy HDR content on the brand-new Sony Xperia XZ Premium, with its pin sharp 4K display, and not be overwhelmed by the top quality on a smart device. Certain, it’s overkill to some, but the effect is superb.

Audio, electronic camera and also battery monitoring are additionally all massive toughness that the brand name has – OK, it frequently doesn’t existing them in the most easy to use way, however the technical capability exists. If you’re buying a Sony phone, you’re still getting something from an electronics powerhouse.

Mid-range or more?

So, back to the original factor: if Sony does include this brand-new 6-inch QHD panel with very little bezel right into its new phone, after that it might have a real appeal its hands … or at the minimum, stay on par with the primary pack as it seeks to fine-tune its initiatives in developing a world-beating handset.

What’s interesting here is how Sony would certainly utilize such a panel – some records are claiming it would certainly be used for a mid-range phone, which would certainly be curious (yet not extraordinary) for a couple of reasons:

Firstly, Sony’s best-looking phone for the last few years is the Sony Xperia XA … a phone that rests at the lower end of the smart device scale. With a lower-power processor, much less RAM and also a shrug-worthy spec sheet than a few of Sony’s flagship phones, you can have conveniently missed out on it.

But it had a display screen that was brilliant, colorful and truly minimised the bezels. It was the phone that the Xperia X should have been, bringing the concept of a bigger screen to the broader target market 18 months ago. 

So if Sony was to trial a brand-new modern technology, it getting on a less-prominent phone does make a degree of sense.

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Secondly, it’s a great examination bed in advance of the anticipated launch of one more front runner smartphone in Barcelona following year, at MWC 2018. If a mid-range longer phone carries out well each time when there’s not a whole lot of 18:9 content about, Sony may be far better convinced to take the jump to the format for all mobile phones going ahead, especially if the remainder of the sector is welcoming it.

Although there’s a third alternative: that this new display screen type isn’t going to be made use of in a mid-range phone yet a new flagship tool in September this year, when IFA 2017 rolls about. The timescales type of suit up, and also it would be an excellent moment to draw focus to Sony’s brand prior to Apple goes cope with the apple iphone 8.

I’d truly prefer to see that take place – not because I have any rate of interest in Sony succeeding, however the more brand names that are doing truly ingenious points as well as pushing the quality of mobile phones forward, the even more option the consumer will have – and that could only be a good thing.

  • While we’re right here, the Samsung Galaxy Keep in mind 8 actually requires a 4K screen too