Ever been frustrated by the quantity HUD of iOS? It’s wonderful, certain. However it constantly sticks around a tad bit longer than you would certainly desire it to, making whatever a disturbance. Whether you read, watching a video, or listening to songs, the quantity HUD is a view you don’t intend to see. There’s a brand-new jailbreak tweak established by ubik. Sonus makes volume control easier by placing it on the top of the display rather of the. When you’re changing the volume, nothing gets in the method of whatever you’re watching.

That’s not all.

Apart from the awesome little moving, Sonus likewise allows you change the quantity with a slider whenever the quantity HUD shows up on screen. You can decide to have a grabber on the HUD to enhance or reduce the quantity. Below’s a peak at just what it can do.

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Personalizing with Sonus.

The ideal component of setting up Sonus on your device is that it offers tons of customisation choices. You can always change the means your HUD wants to precisely just how you assume it should look. When you’ve installed the app, you could find all the setups under the Preferences pane of the app.

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This option allows you tailor the feel and look of your HUD. You can,

  • Change the shade or pick a slope color.
  • Toggle the overlay mode so you obtain a various user interface effect.
  • Set up a corner radius for the volume HUD.
  • Apply a background blur for when the HUD appears in screen.

Size and position

The 2nd choice allows you change the dimensions and the positioning of the HUD. You can,
  • Customize the elevation of the quantity slider.
  • Give the slider a padding and also pick wither a landscape or picture view.
  • Select left, right, leading, as well as bottom margins for the volume HUD.


Under this alternative you can do the following:

  • Enable a slide and also a discolor computer animation for the volume HUD.
  • Choose periods for the HUD’s screen, the animations, and also the speed.


Here’s where you could set up a couple of miscellaneous settings:

  • Enable or disable a liquid animation for the volume.
  • Show or conceal the Standing Bar when the HUD is displaying on screen.
  • Choosing to touch anywhere to reject the HUD.
  • Selecting whether you intend to present a ringer or a media symbol when you alter the volume.
  • Choosing custom-made colours for your ringer and media icons.


True to its name, the setups under this pane are under the experimental process. You could intend to be cautious with these setups as they are vulnerable to pests. Right here you can,

  • Enable or disable a touch-based quantity slider.
  • Enable or disable a grabber on screen that you can drag to readjust the volume.
  • Choose a custom-made slopes, colors, dimension, and also shape for your volume HUD.

It’s┬ánot the first.

For a very long time now, iphone individuals have actually had difficulties with the quantity HUD occupying the facility of their displays. And also more compared to one programmer has found services and also jailbreak tweaks. Sonus, nevertheless, supplies a lot more customisation alternatives compared to most various other tweaks. That’s the application’s greatest marketing factor, it takes personalisation to the following level.

Works on iOS 9 or higher.

The Sonus modify will certainly function on any type of jailbroken device running iphone 9 as well as iphone 10 variations. Whether it’s your iPhone, iPad, and even the iPod touch – Sonus allows you customize them all. Curious to try it yet? Sonus is available on the Cydia’s BigBoss database for$ 1.99.