BulkyPix has launched a game with rather an unique concept called the Song Rush. As the name recommends it’s a side scroll runner however what makes it various from remainder of the running game household is its concept. Tune Rush juices up with songs and some amazing art design, although everything else is practically requirement.

Your job is basic, run as far as you can. But on your means you’ll stumble upon different barriers that can be overcome through moving and jumping, do different combinations to get as points as possible. So what’s the point of music? Well, relying on the type of the songs you’ll come across various levels.

Song Rush, Juices up your Experience with Songs

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The game permits to choose songs from your own collection and depending on that algorithm produces various challenges. Each stage has its own unique touch. And speaking of levels, they’ve actually been cosmetically designed with some incredible urban styled graphics. And if you ever before get tired you can always take part in regular events with your pals.

You can download the game from Google Play and it’ll cost you entire of absolutely nothing. If you ever before feel like playing a running game which provides a small different experience from remainder of the genre then Song Rush is the game.