The substantial and also almighty Gameloft is back with yet an additional action video game, Sniper Fury

The new action-FPS was launched in December and also I have actually lastly procured a good feeling concerning this game. Enough to give my decision on it. And its pretty average, to be honest.

Let’s beginning with the tale. Well, if there was a good or a plot with a factor, I would certainly discuss it. But there merely isn’t. Basically the globe goes to the edge of war, as well as you, the worlds greatest sniper has to fight against the evilness in the world.

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As well as the lame tale, the video game’s controllers are actually, actually bad. It feels so incorrect. Its twitchy, really sensitive and also restrained controllers merely made this game flop. I don’t obtain how they can have not concentrated on this. They should contend the very least concentrated on either the story or the controls in my opinion.

However, they did do fantastic on the soundtrack and also the fine art. The soundtrack provides the video game this dark and gloomy feeling. It merely fits excellent with the atmospheres in the game. The graphics and total creativity besides the story is near excellent. Kudos for that!

Take a look at the trailer:

To be reasonable, it is a fine video game. It’s free so you’re not losing cash, only your time, if you don’t like.

So exactly what do you believe? Is it worth the download? If you assume so, download it here for free!


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