Smash the Office (literally!) - kill stress playing this game

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Smash the Office is a stress-busting activity game where you get to trash a virtual workplace with an array of handy tools. Take out the water coolers and the desks, stride with the server space securing everything in your path and go postal on the desks. If you’ve actually ever worked in a workplace you’ll value the theme and literally trashing your means with room after space of chaotic office space feels rather damn excellent!

Price: Free plus optional in-app purchases

Tested on: Nexus 4
Content Rating: Low Maturity

Pros & Cons:


  • Cool graphics!
  • A great stress reliever!
  • Thoroughly enjoyable and engaging gameplay!
  • Casual, simple to pick up and play!
  • Awesome time killer!


  • Some of the top tools will take an age to save up for unless you make use of the IAPs.
  • Gameplay is enjoyable, however rapidly becomes recurring.


First a real tale. A couple of years ago now I worked in an office that’d an extra desk. On the desk we purposely put documents, folders and fixed … regular workplace junk. If any of us in the workplace had a crappy call, or things were just not working out in general, the desk permitted us to do something we couldn’t generally do- swipe your arm throughout in rage and send out everything flying. Let me inform you … it was a spectacular sensation (even if you did then need to ultimately select it up for the next associate that needed it).

In Smash the Office, the exact same principal is beautifully used although with a a lot more destructive result. You take the role of an unhappy office employee, sick and tired of his life in the cube farm and ready to release his city disappointments on the workplace furniture, components and fittings.

You control the activity with onscreen thumb sticks. The left controls the instructions in which you move while the right thumb stick manages the weapon you’re making use of. The objective is to trigger as much destruction as you can in one minute. You start with a modest baseball bat, Falling Down design. Nevertheless you can update this to gold clubs, axes, swords, mallets and cricket bats as you gather coins.

There are a variety of benefit products to get with which subsequently enhance your destruction quota for a restricted time. There are mushrooms which make you grow Mario style, allowing you to ruin even more things quicker, there’s the disco balls which permit you to carry out an explosive spinning step, coffee makes you go faster and there’s leading watch with increases your time frame.

The ultimate purpose to score as highly as you can in the short time you have. The game is entirely free and extremely simple to play. You slowly collect coins and update your weapons, or if you’ve less patience you can make in-app investments. The IAPs are a little on the steep side but if you gotta relieve tension it’ll only assist!

Fun Factor:

The game is great deals of enjoyable and the violence is very tongue-in-cheek. If you’ve actually ever had workplace rage, you’ll thoroughly delight in having the ability to let off steam in this way.


This might rely on how stressed you are. The action is quite high octane, so it’s definitely no relaxed and relaxed encounter and it does pump you. Nevertheless, the gameplay is pure fun so it’s a quite convincing game to play. So, it’s no Angry Birds, however it’s rather involving all the same.


The graphics are very good and Unity driven. You stomp with a 3D workplace with a lot of items around to smash up. These all fall apart wonderfully and all look rather remarkable.

Accelerometer, Vibration & Sound:

The sound and songs is first rate. There burn sounds, cool music and great deals of destruction sound results as you trigger workplace mayhem with your tools.