Smart Launcher - customize your Android with simple, clean and functional launcher

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Smart Launcher is a basic, clean and user-friendly homescreen replacement app for Android. The most striking thing about Smart Launcher is simply how basic it uses you Android. So, whether you want to cut away a lot of the subtleties of your native launcher you’ve no use for or just wish to make your experience as structured as possible, this is worth an appearance.

Price: Free or -$3.59 for the Pro version

Tested on: Nexus 4

Pros & Cons:


  • Smooth and instinctive interface!
  • Orgainses apps in to easy-access classifications!
  • Themes!
  • Extra attributes in the Pro version!


  • As magnificently easy as it is, users who choose the deep-level functionality of apps like Apex and Nova launcher will perhaps be disappointed.


Smart Launcher is a very simple, yet extremely effective homescreen launcher for Android gadgets. Now, while it does offer some customisability, it’s maybe not going to appeal to people who like to mod and tweak their homescreen. It is not anything like Apex or Nova Launcher but is still elegant, straight forward and a rather fresh take on the launcher idea.

When you first boot the app up, it asks you to define your default apps for things like camera, phone, music and gallery. When the app then settles you can see why, there’s a striking circle of rapid icons that connect straight to those locations. These faster ways then occupy your primary homescreen view. You can contribute to them too, the first thing I did was consist of a Gmail link. While this is irreducibly easy, it’s also efficient as you can develop links to your most popular or used apps and have them all in one display.

In the bottom left hand side of the screen there’s an associated with a side entering apps drawer. Instead of opening a grid drawer as you may expect, you instead see classifications, Communication, Internet, Games, Media, Utility and Settings. Apps are separated according to each heading and displayed in the major part of the display when it’s picked. There are also icons for the Google Play Shop, a Preferences menu and Search.

In the Preferences area you can access the various customisations provided. Now, it’s fairly scant compared with some launchers, but if you’d rather not fuss with the details, this is refreshingly straight forward. You can alter the homescreen clock, icons and background. The app even lets you utilize ADW Launcher EX and Launcher Pro theme icons.

The app is cost-free to download and attempt, although functionality is somewhat decreased unless you buy the Pro variation. The Pro version for example, lets you put widgets.


I am going to presume that the app is aimed at a very different market to individuals who such as to considerably tweak and modify their homescreen experience. Instead, Smart Launcher is incredibly simple, easy to make use of and really structured. If you want something straight forward that still gives you the essentials.

Ease of Use:

The app is constructed to be exceptionally easy to use. The pop out app drawer/dock enables you to gain access to precisely what you need in simply a few taps. You can put essential or many regularly utilized faster ways to your major screen and even widgets if you invest in the Pro variation.

There’s possibly additional concepts for its use. If you’ve a kid who needs an easier user interface to use or even an older relative who requires something really easy to comprehend, this might be a good choice for them. Stating this, don’t think it’s just an app for the non-technical. It could just be that you wish to completely enhance and streamline your experience, where case, this is great.

Frequently Used:

As a homescreen replacement, it would be an app you use whenever you turn on your phone.


I am over utilizing this word I know, however the truth remains is that the user interface is ‘simple’! If you like minimalist design or find hundreds of widgets, folders, shortcuts, several docks and clocks a little too distracting, this is the option to attempt.