I own a black phone, therefore I don’t frequently fret about the colour of my phone matching my garments. However a lot of my pals, nevertheless, spend a great deal of money and time acquiring multiple phone instances to fit their array of clothes. Well, if you’re anything like my pals, right here’s some excellent information: Slickwraps is smart phone case producer and also they’ve developed a wise printer that could give your phone a completely makeover in an issue of minutes. The name of the printer– Contour.

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Slickwraps Contour

It appears like other printer, only cooler. It’s a desktop-powered printer and small enough so dealing with is very easy. You position your phone in the printer, as well as it’s smart enough to identify the device, publishing a tight-fitting 3M plastic finish in addition to your phone. It stays clear of switches and port holes so you don’t have to fret about covering that shiny Apple logo design on your apple iphone. And also what’s more, it helps any type of smart phone or tablet.


Contour can coat your device in any kind of colour you pick, however you could likewise painting patterns on it. It doesn’t damage the initial colour of your phone, however it just coats over your phone to earn it appear like any kind of mobile instance. It functions from the base up, layering the vinyl over your phone.

Getting a new skin

If you really feel like obtaining a new skin for your phone, you can just detach the vinyl finishing and also go for a new one. The cover does not leave any residues on your phone, so the brand-new will certainly look as slick and as smooth as the previous one.


The Contour is valued at $300. It looks like a solid one-time investment for the people that prefer matching phones or for those that cannot choose which colour to select. Select any kind of colour– you could have a brand-new situation a day, every day of the year.