Last month, we reported that struck console shoot ’em up, Sine Mora, would be pertaining to Android. The wait’s lastly over for those of you who’ve actually been impatiently examining the website for news about the launch, as the game is now readily available on the Google Play Store for $5.99.

According to various reviews of the iOS version of the game, Sine Mora is one of only a handful of shooters that actually has a special and remarkable story mode to accompany its gorgeous dieselpunk graphics. It also separates itself from various other shooters by changing health bars with time-based gameplay. Regrettably, the majority of appear to agree that the controls were a little tight and there were no option control options besides a virtual stick and four buttons located on a black bar at the bottom of the screen.

sine mora android

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Since then, the designers have actually included more control options: the virtual joystick, drifting joystick, relative touch control or reversed relative touch, are all included on the Play Shop description. It’ll be interesting to see how the brand-new control schemes work as it’s vital in a bullet-hell game like this.

With the news of this release, I’m positive that a review of the Android version of the game will be up soon on Android Entity, so keep your eyes peeled to the screen to learn whether the game makes a good change into the Android market.