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Samsung is getting ready to pull the drape on its curious Galaxy Gear smartwatch (well, among other reminders) in simply a few days, however exactly what’s a significant product unveiling nowadays without a slew of last-minute leaks to wreck the surprise? To that end, VentureBeat recently got what might be the first genuine look of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and it’s, well, rather bizarre.

Unlike many of the various other smartwatches that have actually blown up onto the scene these past couple of years – think the Pebble, the MetaWatch, or even Sony’s household of wrist-worn gadgets, the Galaxy Gear is shaping up to be a real whopper. VB reports the square screen plus the bezel that runs around it means the watch itself measures about 3 inches diagonal, and images chosen from an internal marketing video depict a device that appears like a Galaxy S4 that got nailed with a reduce ray. So much for subtlety. I am no watch nerd (I leave that sort of reminder to John) but I can’t envision larger always equals much better when it concerns pack you wear on your person.

It appears like a Galaxy S4 that got nailed with a reduce ray

In common Samsung style though, the company has actually apparently packed things to the gills with a 4-megapixel camera nestled inside in the Gear’s strap, a WiFi radio, speakers, and a microphone so users can provide S Voice commands to a linked Samsung smartphone.

Perhaps the most significant bummer is that the Galaxy Gear might only be able to run for 10 hours before having to be charged. That’s nearly decent for contemporary smartphones (though we should all be demanding more durability from Samsung and its ilk), however who wants to bother with charging their watch that often? And maker provided battery statistics have the tendency to be positive too, so that anemic battery could spell difficulty for very early adopters.

Throw in a handful of ‘pre-loaded Android apps’ and an apparently considerable concentrate on mobile fitness and health tracking, and you have got an ambitious gadget that appears to have an identity crisis. Is it for your ordinary smartphone nerd? Physical fitness buffs? Both? VentureBeat’s report offers the clearest review the Galaxy Gear to date, however I am expecting Samsung attempting to discuss its reasoning for why home owner would actually require something like this.

If you’ll enable me to wax personal, the reason I have stuck with a device like the Pebble rather of disposing it in favor of a more durable device is because it’s concentrated on doing a small number of reminders well. Notifications? Cared for. Altering tracks over Bluetooth while I am driving? Functions like a charm. With the Galaxy Gear, Samsung has included sufficient intricacy to the smartwatch formula, which also implies there are more bits that simply mightn’t live up to home owner’s expectations.

Then again, it’s not like the Oriental electronic devices giant does not have the resources to go out on a limb like this every when in a while. Unusual initial steps like this one frequently beget shocking successes down the road – for all we know, Samsung might bend its design and production muscles to becomethe de facto smartwatch maker within a couple of years. In the meantime though, I am still not persuaded that we are reviewing the complete Galaxy Gear image here, so remain tuned for our protection of Samsung’s IFA treasure trove later today.