Update: Talk of the Samsung Galaxy X getting here in late 2017 won’t die, as well as the phone could also be flaunted at MWC (Mobile World Congress) in late February – in two flavors.

Foldable phones are coming, it’s just an issue of time, and it looks significantly like Samsung might be the initial business to readily introduce one – possibly as quickly as this year.

We may even know what it’s called, with the mysterious Samsung Galaxy X being the subject of numerous bendable leaks, collapsible patents and flexible rumors.

But whether X notes the spot or not, we’re clearly getting in a foldable future. To see how we obtained right here and where we’re going, here’s the story of Samsung’s foldable phone so far.

Six years in the making

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The concept of a foldable phone isn’t new to Samsung, as a matter of fact back in 2011 the company revealed off a prototype of exactly that.

The gadget looked beefy and uncomfortable, however also at that time it somewhat functioned, continuing to be undamaged after 100,000 folds up, with just a 6% decline in brightness at the facility, where all the folding activity happened.

This plainly wasn’t a commercial product, yet later on that year Samsung released a principle video clip of a totally bendable (and transparent) mobile device, that can fold up out from a phone-sized screen to a tablet-sized one, showing Samsung’s aspirations for the technology.

Production problems

While a gadget like the one in the video clip above is likely still years away already, by 2012 Samsung was currently hard at the workplace attempting to launch the initial generation of versatile or foldable phones, yet a report late in the year claimed that troubles with the production of flexible displays would hold the very first bendy display screen back until at least 2013.

That didn’t quit Samsung displaying an additional video clip of a collapsible future though, highlighting all kind of clear displays, made from plastic that’s thin, light as well as flexible adequate to fully fold or roll.

And as 2012 came to a close it appeared Samsung may be overcoming its manufacturing issues, with another report claiming that its adaptable plastic screens were in the last of advancement, with the initial phones sporting them most likely to land in mid-2013.

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Samsung’s bendy plastic screens obtained an extra real-world launching at CES 2013, along with a name – they were currently called ‘Youm’, though it was clear from the versatile prototype on show that Samsung was still much from putting a Youm screen on a business device.

That was made much more clear when the tech was reportedly hit with new manufacturing problems in April 2013. Apparently the previous problems had been resolved, today Samsung was evidently having problem with the encapsulation modern technology, which shields the screen from dampness as well as air damage.

Round the Edge

The closest point we really obtained to a collapsible phone from Samsung in 2013 was the Samsung Galaxy Round. This was far from the prototypes as well as ideas we ‘d seen, but as the globe’s first rounded display mobile phone it was a huge action in the appropriate direction.

That was subsequented by the Samsung Galaxy Keep in mind Edge, which curved in a now more acquainted instructions, one which Samsung has actually because completely accepted with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and also various other phones with rounded edges.

These are still far from being collapsible, as well as while a Samsung executive did promise a truly flexible gadget by the end of 2014, whatever he was referring to never ever appeared.

Project Valley

Talk of foldable phones went a bit quiet till mid-2015, when it was reported that a future phone codenamed Task Valley could be foldable.

At this factor little was understood about the tool, which would obviously have 2 screens, but it was said to be in early advancement, so was not likely to arrive for a while, if at all.

In September 2015 an “insider” claimed that we ‘d see a bendable phone in January 2016. It wasn’t clear whether this was Project Valley or otherwise, but apparently it would certainly be available in both mid-range and also premium tastes. Of course, it didn’t show up at all.

Samsung Galaxy X

In Could 2016 Task Valley got a new name – the Samsung Galaxy X, which was thought to be the name it would certainly launch under.

According to reports at the time it would be ready for launch in 2017 and also would have a foldable 4K display screen, so that the resolution would certainly remain high even when the phone was folded.

We were skeptical regarding that launch day at the time, and also still are, as it seems seriously advanced compared to the phones we’re making use of currently.

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But that’s not quite the full tale so much. At SID 2016 Samsung flaunted a roll-out display screen – however one which really did not have a touchscreen layer, which would certainly be pretty essential for a smartphone.

Then in June “individuals acquainted with the issue” reported that we could see 2 collapsible phones from Samsung in 2017 – backing up those previous Galaxy X reports.

Supposedly one would fold up out from a 5-inch phone to an 8-inch tablet computer, a lot like the principle video Samsung showed back at the start of our tale, while the other would fold in half like an aesthetic compact, along the lines of a folding phone patent we had actually currently seen.

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We still just weren’t persuaded, yet Samsung was clearly on the ideal track, with another patent wanting to solve among the largest issues with folding phones – the capacity to fold up without harming any type of internal components.

The license explained an “man-made muscle”, which would move in time with the screen flexing to secure other components.


Our newest check out what could be the Samsung Galaxy X originated from a patent spotted by GalaxyClub, highlighting a long device, with a form extra like a push-button control compared to a mobile phone, but one which might fold up to half the size.

The shape doesn’t seem especially sensible, so we doubt this is the type the Galaxy X will take, yet it’s vaguely along the lines of the phone-to-tablet convertible we’ve been hearing about.

And talk of a 2017 launch hasn’t died. In late 2016 we heard reports that a foldable Samsung phone would certainly release early the list below year, adhered to by one more later on in the year. Among these was stated to have 2 display screens with a hinge between, while the various other will obviously have a single versatile screen.

More recently we’ve listened to once again that the Galaxy X will certainly show up in 2017, however not up until the 2nd half of the year.

According to some resources, more than 100,000 devices are mosting likely to turn out in the third quarter of the year – though prepare for a 2017 launch can apparently be changed.

Supply chain sources speaking to DigiTimes are slightly much less hopeful, saying that a little production of foldable handsets will certainly be made in the 4th quarter of the year, but technical issues could mean we don’t see automation before mid-2018.

But we might not have lengthy to wait in all prior to we a minimum of see a demo of the Galaxy X, as ETNews reports that Samsung will be showing 2 collapsible phones off at MWC 2017 (Mobile World Congress) at the end of February. This is said to be behind shut doors, yet leaks happen.

The shape of things to come

That brings us up to today, and also while Samsung has made some industrial development towards a versatile phone, with bent screens on the similarity the Galaxy S7 Edge, externally it doesn’t seem a lot more detailed total to a really foldable display screen compared to it did back in 2011.

There’s great deals of talk of a 2017 launch, however that’s not the first time a questionably close launch has actually been rumored, and it won’t be the very first time those reports were wrong – unless Samsung really does release a folding phone this year.

The variety of rumors does seem higher than ever in the past, but we still haven’t listened to any kind of genuine details regarding the phone, which suggests it’s still a long way out. That might all change at MWC, if Samsung actually does bring a phone with folds up, so we’ll be able to reassess after that.

But regardless, behind the scenes appealing development does seem to have been made. Throughout the years a number of essential problems in development show up to have actually been resolved – from making a display that could be folded up countless times without breaking, to avoiding damages to internal components.

So we still see folding phones in our future, and also perhaps even the not as well long run. For now, a Galaxy X in 2017 still seems a little bit not likely, yet we might at the very least have seen some shots of it before the end of the year, and a 2018 launch looks extremely possible.

  • LG is servicing foldable displays too