After maintaining every person awaiting an excellent over 3 months of so, Samsung has turned out the upgrade to Android Marshmallow for the Galaxy S6 owners. The upgrade has been provided from today morning itself as well as accompanies the day on which Samsung also made their most recent flagship, the Galaxy S7 offered available in India. In dimension, the upgrade for Marshmallow on the Galaxy S7 is simply a color over 1.2 GB mark. It is for that reason adviced to upgrade your phone when connected to a Wi-Fi as well as the charger.


The upgrade will certainly bring a host of appealing Marshmallow functions such as Doze, Permissions Supervisor, Tap on Now, a new inbuilt File Supervisor in addition to an overhauled alerts draw down. In our short minutes with the Galaxy S6, the update certainly has altered the typefaces too in the Notifications color, though we did prefer the older font styles. The Notices shade has been made whiter, so if you prefer to utilize your phone during the night a whole lot, you might want to lower down the strength of the display.


Post the upgrade, it does take a while for the phone to reboot so you might intend to remain really person. Ideally, you might likewise intend to remove the data on your phone and layout it after you have updated the gadget for a smooth operation.

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