Update: We’ve currently had our very first genuine check out exactly what the Samsung Galaxy Keep in mind 9 could appear like, many thanks to leaked renders.

The Samsung Galaxy Keep in mind 9 launch day is likely 2 months away, according to a brand-new leak that hints at a launch day weeks quicker compared to previous years.

The Keep in mind 9 is always large news due to the fact that it’s an Android phone with a large screen and also convenient S Pen, although reports of an in-screen fingerprint sensor might be premature.

Instead, we’re most likely to see Bixby 2.0 and also an enhanced dual-lens camera, perhaps one with the HDR video recording excluded of the Galaxy S9 as well as Galaxy S9 Plus.

Today, we’re arranging with the rumors and leakages (there are a great deal of them), and to do that we’ve obtained out our reliable S Pen stylus pen prepared to state which are probable, and also which are just hopeful thinking.

Here’s every little thing we recognize regarding Samsung’s extra-big Android phone.

Cut to the chase

  • What is Note 9? Samsung’s next flagship phablet
  • When is Note 9’s launch date? Likely August 9, 2018 in New York
  • When is Note 9’s release date? Before Apple’s new iPhone announcement
  • What will Note 9 cost? Probably at least $929 / £869 / AU$1,499

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release date

  • Earlier launch day anticipated: Thursday, August 9 at Samsung Unpacked
  • Earlier launch date anticipated: Before the following iPhone launch event

You might be able to get your hands on the Galaxy Note 9 quicker than expected, as the Samsung Unpacked launch event may be in early August.

Thursday, August 9 is the reported launch date, with the announcement anticipated to take place in New York City. Last year’s phone was revealed on August 23.

There’s been a great deal of evidence backing this up. The Note 9, said to be codenamed ‘Crown’, apparently had a model ready in the first quarter of 2018, kept in mind The Investor. It cites market viewers that pinned the phone for early to mid August.

Samsung was likewise said to be examining firmware for the phone ahead of routine, two weeks earlier compared to where it was with the software application for the Note 8. As well as keep in mind, the S9 firmware was examined earlier compared to the S8 which took place to release earlier, too.

Supply chain resources are additionally reporting that display panels were being developed for it two months earlier compared to typical, reaching calling out a late July launch day. That’s a little as well ambitious. August 9 audios like a much extra likely date.

Why the earlier release date?

Samsung requires the Note 9 is be eye-catching adequate to last longer than the iPhone X2 and iPhone 9 phones that Apple is likely to introduce in early September.

Sure, the Note series is constantly announced initially, yet by the time Keep in mind phones really comes out, the hype bordering Apple’s new iPhones is currently at a fever-pitch.

That’s the No. 1 reason why we anticipate Samsung to provide us the Galaxy Note 9 earlier. It has to obtain its phone in its initial consumers hands in August or early September at the extremely latest.

Big phone, little style change

The Keep in mind 9 is poised to be a large deal due to the fact that it’ll be a massively sized update to the Galaxy Note 8, as well as slightly larger as well as better compared to the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 And also, which launched all over the world in March.

Of course, that’s not to say it’ll be a substantial upgrade to last year’s phone with a 6.3-inch display. No, we’re anticipating repetitive, but crucial changes, mainly to the interior specs, as opposed to a full redesign on the outside.

Early leaks back that up, specifically some makes based upon a factory CAD (computer-aided design), which you could see below, and also which originate from a fairly reputable resource, particularly @OnLeaks (that shared them in support of 91mobiles), that has been best regarding things plenty of times before.

The pictures show a style that looks extremely similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, complete with a rather rectangle-shaped form, a metal framework and also a most likely glass back. You could likewise see that there’s when again a dual-lens cam as well as a finger print scanner on the back – so an in-display scanner looks unlikely.

However, the scanner has been relocated below the electronic camera lens, somewhat comparable to its position on the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, yet where that phone has its cams piled up and down, the Note 9 revealed below has them side by side.

Other information consist of a 3.5 mm headphone port, USB-C port, speaker grille, S Pen silo and also microphone on the bottom edge, slim bezels (but no notch) on the front, power as well as volume buttons on the left edge and a Bixby switch on the. As the pictures above, you could likewise see all these things in the video below, which came from the same source.

The measurements of the Galaxy Note 9 have actually also been provided, with the phone apparently coming in at 161.9 x 76.3 x 8.8 mm, making it slightly shorter however marginally broader and thicker than the 162.5 x 74.8 x 8.6 mm Galaxy Note 8. The size is comparable on the whole, which is no shock, given that the screen will obviously likewise remain at about 6.3 inches.

As there haven’t been any kind of various other photos yet there’s nothing to contrast these to, so take them with a grain of salt, but the resource is strong and also they look convincing enough.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price

  • It’ll be a pricey whether or not it sees a price increase

The Keep in mind 9 cost is unlikely to have the exact same excellent information that we’re seeing from the very early release day. Whenever it does get here, it’s bound to be expensive.

The Galaxy Keep in mind 8 retailed for $929/ £869/ AU$ 1,499 at launch and we can’t see Samsung reducing the price for the Note 9, particularly now Apple has actually pressed smartphone costs even higher with its apple iphone X.

Here’s the Note 9 cost wildcard: The S9 and also S9 Plus saw a cost increase in most nations. It was less expensive in the US. We could see another split choice, depending upon where you buy the Note 9.

For now, you’ll need to be pleased with the Note 9’s precursor if you want a phone with a stylus pen on the inexpensive. Examine out today’s best Galaxy Note 8 deals.

Watch the video clip below to see our Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review.

Note 9 in-screen fingerprint sensor

The largest Samsung Galaxy Note 9 report associates with its finger print scanner, which months of reports have suggesting might be constructed straight right into the phone screen.

We’ve seen (as well as evaluated) in-screen fingerprint sensors in phones from China, and A Samsung is checking numerous in-screen options and will probably utilize among them, an action which might likewise apparently permit area for a larger battery in the Note 9.

That tallies with a source who’s said the Note 9 will have both an in-screen scanner as well as a large 3,850 mAh battery.

However, a slightly earlier rumor indicate the in-screen fingerprint sensing unit avoiding the Note 9, simply like it did on the S9 as well as S9 And Also, Note 8 and also S8 as well as S8 And also before. There’s more reason to believe it’ll turn up on the Galaxy X (Galaxy S10 following year).

Both Samsung and Apple have actually been reported to be functioning on this however failed to attain it in time for their latest mobiles, pushing Samsung to move the scanner to a sub-optimal placement on the back of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8, while Apple dropped it completely from the iPhone X.

There’s enthusiastic news on the subject in the form of a Samsung license, showing a phone with a scanner built into the screen. Allegedly it would digitally show where customers have to place their finger, and also might potentially supply vibrations as feedback. 

Huawei and Vivo have demonstrated this tech in a phone this year, yet Samsung is claimed to be using an ultrasonic-based in-screen fingerprint sensing unit for the Note 9, whereas the Huawei and also Vivo utilize light-based optical under-glass finger print sensors.


But we’ve seen numerous resources in the supply chain case Samsung has decided on positioning the scanner on the back, just like its current front runner phones, so right now we’d claim an in-screen scanner is looking unlikely.

Other Note 9 leaks and rumors

As kept in mind over one resource has said the Note 9 could have a 3,850 mAh battery, which would certainly be a whole lot bigger than the 3,300 mAh one in the Note 8, however only somewhat bigger compared to the 3,500 mAh one in the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, so it’s believable.

But the most recent rumor regarding the Note 9 battery is that it can reach a 4,000 mAh capacity, a new high for a Samsung front runner device. The same report has the screen at 6.4 inches, so we’re uncertain if the source similar to large numbers or if this holds true. We’re taking this leakage with a grain of salt.

The Samsung Galaxy Keep in mind 9 has additionally relatively been benchmarked with predictably high scores, exposing at the same time that it has a Snapdragon 845 chipset, 6GB of RAM and also runs Android 8.1 – the exact same specs to puts it simply as the United States variation of the Galaxy S9 And Also. There’s likewise been talk that Samsung could push the top configuration up to 8GB of RAM as well as 256GB of storage.

In more unlikely news, there’s an opportunity that Samsung will go even additionally than an in-screen scanner with the Note 9, as it’s patented a smartphone concept that has not just the fingerprint scanner yet also the front-facing electronic camera and sensing units embedded in the screen, for a genuinely bezel-free style. This may be as well ambitious for a 2018 launch though.


That said, a lot more ambitious objective for the Galaxy Note 9 can be for it to have a bendable display. This is something Samsung’s been working with for also longer, and there’s pointer that the technology might land in a phone late this year.

However, it could still get here too late for it to be utilized in the Note 9, as well as Samsung could not desire to debut such an experimental tech on a major flagship.

Elsewhere, an additional license might have offered us a glimpse at exactly what the Note 9 will certainly look like, as Samsung has released a phone style with a screen that curves at the best edge, however strangely not at the left.

It’s an uncommon search for a phone, as well as fairly various to the Note 8, so we’re skeptical that it will be used for the Note 9, yet you never know.

windows mobile phone

However the Note 9 looks, there’s an opportunity that it will certainly be made from a brand-new material, as Samsung has actually trademarked ‘Metal 12’ – a material that’s both strong and light.

And moving from the outside to in, The Korea Herald reports that Samsung could furnish the Galaxy Note 9 with an NPU (neural processing device). That’s basically an AI chip like Apple and also Huawei have actually begun using in their flagships.

It’s vague just what Samsung would use the chip for, however it could possibly speed up certain functions of the phone.

It’s probably going to have a huge curved Super AMOLED display, an S Pen stylus as well as at the very least 6GB of RAM. The inner storage space should start at 128GB offered that Samsung bills this as an enterprise class smartphone. The S8 Plus has 128GB of space in a lot of countries, yet simply 64GB in the US. 

The Note 9 is also likely to sporting activity the top-end Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810 chipset, exactly like we see in the S9 as well as S9 Plus. 

However, there are rumors that Samsung is servicing an Exynos 9820 chipset. That can cause quicker speeds or, extra likely in our minds, HDR video clip recording. This function is already supported by the Snapdragon 845, however significantly missing from all S9 tools throughout the board, most likely because the Exynos 9810 doesn’t support it. With brand-new Android phones, like the Sony Xperia XZ2 having HDR video clip recording, Samsung should play catchup.

What we want to see

There are just a couple of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 reports so much, yet we have a great suggestion of the type of things we desire to see from it, such as the following.

1. An in-screen scanner

This has actually been rumored as well as it would be an excellent heading feature for the phone. Having the scanner on the back is awkward, however building it into the screen would both be convenient and the type of modern, advanced point that could see the Galaxy Note 9 stick out to name a few handsets.

We’re very sure Samsung is working on it, it’s just an inquiry of whether it’s ready in time for the Note 9’s 2018 launch.

2. Room-filling sound

cell phone

There are lots of fantastic things about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, however its audio speakers aren’t among them. 

It has just a solitary bottom-firing audio speaker, so for the Note 9 we desire at the very least 2 audio speakers, and also ideally for them to be placed on the front of the phone, for audio that takes a trip towards you when you’re looking at the screen.

Given exactly how big the Note 9 is most likely to be however, it can perhaps even take care of 4 audio speakers, for absolutely large sound.

3. Better Bixby

Bixby is just one of the vital new functions of this year’s crop of Samsung flagships, however in its existing form it leaves something to be wanted, particularly when it involves comprehending just what you’re saying. 

By the time of the Note 8’s launch we want it to be a real Google Aide as well as Siri rival.

But however good it winds up being we additionally want to be able to remap the unpreventable Bixby switch, because not everybody is mosting likely to wish to use it.

4. Two-day battery life

Samsung’s been traditional with the dimension of the battery in the Galaxy Note 8, naturally provided just what occurred with the Note 7, however it’s indicated that while the Note 8 needs to last you a day you’ll probably be plugging it in at night.

And it doesn’t fee as rapid as earlier quick charging Samsung phones either. 

That could have been a safety and security precaution too, yet if Samsung could discover a means to provide two-day life as well as really quick accuseding of the Note 9, without taking the chance of a snake pit, we’d be very happy.

5. Improved face scanning

Mobile Phone

Although the iPhone X’s Face ID is probably its headline feature, it’s not the initial phone to sporting activity face scanning. Nor is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, but it does have it, it’s just not extremely protected, to the point where a still picture could mislead it.

So for the Galaxy Note 9 we want face scanning to return, yet only if it’s a great deal much better. If it could verify much more reputable than also Face ID after that Samsung could be on a genuine winner.

6. A similar price

Given that it’s likely to be among one of the most high-tech phones of 2018 we don’t truly expect Samsung to introduce the Galaxy Note 9 at a reduced rate than the $929/ £869/ AU$ 1,499 Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

But if it can maintain it around the very same that would certainly be something, and also would see it undercut Apple’s top-end phones, offered that the brand-new iPhone X starts at $999/ £999 / AU$1,579.

7. Even less bezel

The front of the Galaxy Note 8 is mostly all screen, yet there’s still a bit of bezel at the top and bottom.

We’d prefer to see Samsung minimize or remove that for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, possibly along the lines of the Important Phone or the apple iphone X. Doing so would certainly permit what’s constantly mosting likely to be a huge phone to be a bit more workable, without having to diminish the screen.

  • We might also see the HTC U12 in 2018