Were there times when you were so bored awaiting somebody, and none of the games on your phone interest you anymore, that you began throwing your phone in the air and catching it just to see how high you can go? Well, the people at Carrot Pop has just released a game with that property in mind.

In S.M.T.H, or Send Me To Heaven, the objective of the game is to merely throw your phone as high as possible, and the accelerometer will tape-record the height thrown. You can compare your high score because day’s top 10, that week’s top 10 and against the leading 10 on the planet, and GPS needs to be enabled to compare your rating against local players. Sadly, there’s no way to produce a personal leaderboard for family and friends, but you can share your scores on specific social networking sites.

S.M.T.H. is a Daredevil's Game

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How high a person throws is directly symmetrical to the person’s courage and how eager they is to obtain a brand-new phone. There are bright red disclaimers in the app and on the Google Play Shop description that the designers are exempt for any injury or damage this game might cause to you or your phone. There’s likewise a warning to players to be aware of their environments prior to metaphorically sending your phone to paradise.

Apparently, Carrot Pop originally submitted the game to the people at Apple but it was turned down because it didn’t wish to encourage behavior that can result in damage to the gadget. Thanks to Google’s lax approval process nonetheless, this game now exist on the Android market. Today at Android Entity, we don’t suggest risking your only source of mobile home entertainment for the sake of a score. Nonetheless, if you’ve extra cash, or have been planning to get a much better gadget, there’s no better sendoff for your trusty minor phone (or tablet if you’re crazy brave enough).