The designers at Red Robot Labs have actually created another game but unlike Life is Magic, which belonged to MMORPG category, this one is even more of a tower defense game. Called the Friendly fire, the game bears resemblance to games such as Great Big War Game but only in terms of visual design.

The name Friendly fire doesn’t actually imply friendly at all. You’ll be confronted with forces attempting to attack your homeland and it’s upto you to defend it with your towers. Something that sets Friendly Fire apart is the real life locations within the game. You can also invade various other players’ city and vice versa.

Red Robot Labs’ New Game Friendly Fire

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Some of the features of the game include reality places, you can build your basis in your own cities. You’ll great deal of arsenal at your disposal, including artillery, tanks, planes and hunts to remove your enemy. And to enhance up your fire power you’ll be making power ups that’ll boost up your damages. Friendly Fire also comes with Tablet compatibility.

The game provides more than simply simple towers, you’ll be making use of tanks and airplanes also. You’ll discover leaderboards both domestic and worldwide where you can compete. The game is now offered on Google Play and costs lot of absolutely nothing, so go grab yourself a copy of it.