Red Hot Dating App Tinder Officially Arrives On Android, Begins Hooking Up With Big Media

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The Digital Dating World has seen its fair share of companies come and go over the years, and few have been able to provide the normal suspects, like eHarmony, and OkCupid, a run for their respective cash. Nevertheless, since rupturing onto the scene in October of last year, Tinder has actually been making a play to become the next digital dating titan by focusing on an area where couple of (if any) of its predecessors have actually excelled: Your phone.

Drawing on the same addictive formula behind Hot or Not, Tinder enables those looking for a date (or a little casual flirting) to swipe with Facebook-powered profiles of prospective matches, accepting or rejecting based upon visual appeal. Sure, it’s a bit superficial, but its game-ified approach to flirting is also more than a little addicting and has actually removed amongst the SnapChat generation, starting with college campuses.

In reality, since introducing in October, Tinder has actually spread like wildfire – a fact that, as we reported in May, has actually had investors and possible acquirers drooling. Today, Tinder co-founder and CEO Sean Rad tells us, individuals have actually rated over seven billion profiles, and the app has served over 100 million matches in all (and is currently including 1.5 million matches/day and growing, he states.)


Yet, for a mobile-first start-up, Tinder has been missing a significant piece of the smartphone puzzle: To date, the app has just been offered on the iPhone. Starting today, nevertheless, with the arrival of Tinder for Android, the popular mobile dating app is going multi-platform, opening its doors to users of the mobile operating system that now has over 70 percent of smartphone marketshare.

In the lead-up to the app’s arrival on Google Play, the Tinder founders decided to take a rather unusual strategy to rounding up attention for its new app – another testimony to how popular the app has ended up being.

Instead of just launching the app on the app store as is generally the case, numerous weeks back, the company created a landing page for the new app, stating that they’d only make Tinder for Android available once they’d received one million requests (through social media). They haven’t rather made it to one million requests, Rad says, but with over 800K currently logged, the creators decided to pull the trigger anyhow.

Red Hot Dating App Tinder Officially Arrives On Android, Begins Hooking Up With Big MediaIn its port from iOS to Android, fans of the mobile dating network will be pleased to discover that there haven’t been lots of changes to the overall individual experience, other than some requisite optimizations for its new os. It’s still the exact same model: Once an individual signs in, they are shown snapshots of community songs based on area and shared interests. They can ‘such as’ or pass each match as it appears and can choose to chat or satisfy up only when both individuals show interest (i.e. ‘like’ each various other).

It’s this basic model, which encourages people to make snap judgements of each various other based on a few photos and some basic profile info on mutual choices, interests and friends, that have led Tinder individuals to transform 7 billion profile ratings. For those trying to find lasting, major love, the eHarmony and OKCupid approach is likely to have more appeal, however for younger individuals interested in a quick method to fulfill people and a casual means to flirt, Tinder has (so far) been triumphing.

As we wrote previously this summer season, based on its surging appeal among young people, rumors had actually been circulating for months that the business has actually been in the process of raising a significant round of outdoors financing or was active trying to find a big-figure exit. Today, both of these remain untrue and, while the start-up is still not sharing just how much capital it’s in its coffers, IAC is (and stays) its main investor and stakeholder.

For those unfamiliar, part of the reason Tinder has actually been able to do what it’s over the last 6 months is that it’s been able to discover first-hand from the titans of Digital Dating. The start-up was incubated at Hatch Labs, a new Los Angeles-based start-up and accelerator backed by the previously mentioned IAC– the exact same Barry Diller-led digital media titan that takes place to have dating veterans and OKCupid. As a result, IAC preserves ‘first-dibs’ rights to investing Tinder and has been the ‘sole investor in its seed and series A rounds,’ which we have heard total in the millions (and likely even more than a few ‘millions’), we wrote at the time.

Think Local, Flirt Global

With enough runway and lots of interest, Tinder has actually likewise started to focus on worldwide markets, as the CEO informed us at the time that over 15 percent of its users now come from outside the U.S. Going ahead, the start-up has started focusing its worldwide efforts on the UK, Canada, Australia, Latin America (especially Brazil and Mexico), Germany, France and Japan and is in the procedure of adding further language support, localization and is working with neighborhood reps in each of these nations.

Rad likewise informed us in Might that Asia remains a possibly huge opportunity for Tinder, thanks to ‘the surge of mobile adoption.’ To be sure, whether it’s Asia as or in other target global markets, the launch of Tinder for Android will be a secret to opening continued growth in these regions. As Ingrid just recently wrote, Google’s international share of smartphone sales was 64 percent in March and, with Android’s ‘share increasing in every market over the last couple of months,’ it’ll be approaching 70 percent quickly.

Red Hot Dating App Tinder Officially Arrives On Android, Begins Hooking Up With Big MediaSince the beginning, the Tinder founders have actually been afraid to describe their product as a ‘dating app,’ as their lasting strategies include expanding the growing network beyond dating. With the preconceptions that have traditionally included ‘Web dating,’ this is not specifically unexpected. Nobody is eager to be painted with the ‘superficial dating app’ brush, even if in this case, the glove definitely fits.

Beyond Dating

However, the business has been making its primary steps toward expanding the Tinder experience past dating, launching a new attribute called ‘Matchmaker,’ which makes it possible for users to produce matches in between any 2 Facebook friends for any purpose – flirting or otherwise. As we wrote in May, the idea behind the brand-new networking tool is to develop a ‘casual, easy way to make an introduction, whether you want to set two pals up on a date or make an expert intro or connection,’ while preserving the anonymity of the normal Tinder experience.

But, as a decidedly complimentary app, the Tinder group has been try out ways to permit big brands to connect with its droves of young users – a desired group for numerous marketers – and with means to monetize. While Rad tells us that its latest marketing offer doesn’t in reality represent its present or future efforts to generate income from, it does indicate prospective roads the business can require to ramping up income generation.

Tinder And Big Media

Red Hot Dating App Tinder Officially Arrives On Android, Begins Hooking Up With Big MediaAs Variety and others have reported, the first brand name (and TV network) to hook up with Tinder is UNITED STATE, which introduced a promo last evening that’s targeted at more youthful generations ahead of the Season 3 opened of its popular program, ‘Suits.’ The Tinder CEO informs us that the business has had comparable interest from a variety of TELEVISION networks and brands, but they decided to go with USA and Matches since the network’s vision was the most carefully straightened with their own – and because Rad himself is a fan of the show.

On the other side, dudes under the age of 35 have generally been tough to advertise to, and UNITED STATE thinks that its discount with Tinder could assist introduce its show to an audience it – and numerous other networks – are constantly trying to reach. As to the promotion itself, beginning last night, when Tinder individuals sign in to the app, they might discover that one of the matches waiting for them is in fact a character from ‘Matches.’

When and if a user ‘suches as’ among the characters, they’ll be offered access to ‘unique material’ from the show, which essentially suggests previews, audio greetings and clips just offered on the Tinder network. The characters from the program will likewise be choosing a couple of power individuals to ‘such as’ back to engage in a little live flirting over chat and, relying on how things go, perhaps even live, personally. It continues to be to be seen whether or not this will interest Tinder users or just be a hassle, but even though both parties were firm on the reality that no cash exchanged hands as an outcome of the collaboration, individuals can expect more of these kinds of promos within Tinder going ahead.

Rad says that he and the group are concentrated intently on keeping Tinder ad-free, so, while its partnership with UNITED STATE may not presently be leading to any income for the start-up, one can imagine Tinder pursuing similar methods when it does choose to flip the ‘revenue switch.’

Sure, few Tinder individuals are most likely champing at the bit to see their preferred mobile dating app start to monetize, but, at at time when even the former ‘Miss America’ is found to be using Tinder, the company would remiss not to benefit from its 10 mins. Particularly before individuals discover that the hot date they’ve actually been falling for is in fact simply a spambot.

Tinder on Google Play here.