windows mobile phoneJacqui writes: Thanks for your blog post from Nadine on keeping cellular usage controlled. Under Setups, Cellular, I see ‘Cellular Information’ and ‘Enable LTE.’ I assumed both of those terms suggested the exact same thing. Am I missing something?

Hi Jacqui! Yep, these setups are a little bit complicated, and I do not blame you for believing that toggling the ‘Enable LTE’ setup might have the exact same effect as transforming the ‘Mobile Data’ causing. Though, these setups do 2 very various things.

The Cellular Information setup (which you’ll discover by tapping Settings, Mobile) will entirely transform off your iPhone’s access to mobile data, indicating the only way you would certainly be able to browse the web, check email, or otherwise link to the Web will be using Wi-Fi. Turning Cellular Data off may be a smart step if, say, you’re going travelling and also you do not intend to risk roaming on costly global data networks.

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The Enable LTE setting is a various monster. Yes, this setup will, to name a few things, allow you shut off LTE data. But LTE (short for ‘Long Term Advancement’) isn’t the only type of cellular data, as well as if you transform LTE data off (Settings, Mobile, Enable LTE, Off), your iPhone might simply downshift to 3G or even 2G networks. (LTE is thought about 4G– fourth generation– when it pertains to mobile data, incidentally).

3G and also 2G information networks (denoted by ‘3G,’ ‘1x’ or ‘SIDE’ at the top of your iPhone’s display) are slower than LTE information, yet they typically aren’t necessarily more affordable, so do not think about them as money-saving settings. A better factor for transforming LTE information off could be that your LTE data connection is also spotty.

Now, the Enable LTE setup has a couple other choices, too. The initial is ‘Voice and Data,’ which indicates your apple iphone will utilize its LTE connection for both information and routine voice calls.

The benefit of the Voice as well as Information setting: it could (possibly) boost the high quality of your voice calls, and also it’ll likewise let you surf and also talk at the same time.

OK, but exactly what if you have problems with the Voice and Information setup– such as, say, your customers not having the ability to hear you that well? (That’s just what occurred to me when I offered the Voice and also Data establishing a shot.)

In that situation, you’ll wish to revert to ‘Data Only’, the third alternative in the Enable LTE setup. Information Only may be your best option for strong voice-call high quality, yet it additionally means you will not have the ability to browse or gain access to the Web while you’re on a call (that is, unless your iPhone occurs to be hooked up to Wi-Fi).

Hope this aids, Jacqui. Allow me know if you still have questions!