Mobile PhoneSusanne writes: Thanks GREAT DEALS for the great details concerning traits that were driving me berserk on my much beloved apple iphone. Inform me, though– exists a means to (or an application that will) add accent marks? I stay in Ireland where the common indication off is “Slán” and also “Sláinte” for “cheers,” as well as it really does not work without the accent. Any intense ideas?

Hi Susanne! Satisfied to hear that my apple iphone suggestions have been useful– and also hey, currently I’ll know exactly what it means when somebody claims “Slán!” at the pub.

Mobile device

So, just how do you add accent marks to letters as you’re typing on your apple iphone? It’s simple, actually.

Tap and hold a specific letter (say, the letter “a”) and a pop-up food selection of accent marks will certainly appear– everything from intense (” á”) and grave (” à”) accents to umlauts (” ä”) and tildes (” ã”).

How do you pick the accent mark you want? The trick is to maintain holding the letter essential you initially touched, then slide your fingertip to the correct icon as well as release.

If you raise your finger from the touchscreen keypad and afterwards aim to touch the accent-mark trick, the menu of accent marks will certainly disappear before you could touch it.

Bonus tip

Tapping and holding a trick isn’t really just for keying accent marks, it’ll additionally function for symbol tricks. Faucet and hold the dollar sign, as an example, as well as you’ll get a food selection with indicators for the yen (” ¥”), the pound (” ₤”), the euro (” EUR”), as well as the cent (” cents”).