MobileBits popular activity RPG game “SoulCraft” is now offered for Nokia Lumia WP8 smartphones over Windows Phone Store.

Popular RPG SoulCraft

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‘Setting of Activity RPG game: With people on the edge to find the key of eternal life, angels and evil daimons make a pact to proclaim the apocalypse to be able to materialize into the real world, fight the humans for triumph and keep the circle of life undamaged. SoulCraft lets you play as an angel– it falls to you who’ll win this fight. May it be diablo in hell, god in paradise or the mankind in this battle of heroes straight on earth. ‘

  • Free2play Action RPG
  • Play in real places such as Venice, Rome and Hamburg with even more locations coming soon
  • Including New york city, Tokyo or Washington
  • Ilay as an Angel with more races consisting of Devil and Human coming soon
  • Five various game modes including time run, sector, hellgate, crystal defense and employer fights
  • Lots of different and diversified opponents, weapons and spells

Game Trailer:

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