If you are a follower of PewDiePie, the big YouTuber who appears to be everywhere now, you are going to like this game. If you do not, not so much.

Like most celebrities, it was predicted that a gamer like PewDiePie, or Felix Kjellberg to obtain his very own game. Other celebs are Smosh as well as Kim Kardashian if you were wondering.

Outerminds, the programmers, has developed a 2D side-scrolling platformer starring the YouTuber himself. Brofist is style sensible, generally like a huge Super Mario rip-off. It still has its minutes of creativity obviously. You’ll be fulfilled by amusing dialogs as well as personalities. I indicate, it’s a video game starring one of YouTubes craziest characters, certainly its visiting be funny.


The story has to do with every one of PewDiePie’s fans getting caught by barrels, PewDiePie’s most disliked adversary in all of his video clips. You’ll consequently start a trip fighting wolves, strange creatures and certainly, barrels. Much like Super Mario, you need to stomp on their go to beat them.

The video game not only features a story mode, yet a survival mode as well. The levels are not actually that hard, however their just easy/hard sufficient to like them. The video game’s visuals are most likely exactly what makes this video game so fun. It actually has that genuine 90’s really feels to it. It additionally features a nice retro soundtrack which I directly actually liked. One of the most suprising about Brofist, is that it also features the voices of other YouTubers, along with PewDiePie himself.

All in all, it was actually fun to play Brofist. If you typically aren’t a fan of his videoes, I’m not quite sure if you are going to like it. It will after that most likely like simply any type of other sidescroller on the Play Store.

Anways, just what do you believe? Is it worth the $4.99?


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