The recently launched exclusive video editor app “Video Trimmer” is now readily available for Lumia 92x series gadgets running WP8 GDR2/Amber update. The app was formerly unavailable on hardware other than the most up to date flagship Windows Phone Lumia 1020. 

The app enables you to easily cut, conserve and share videos on the go, have a look at the app trial video.

Nokia Video Trimmer

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App Description:

‘This app makes reducing your videos quick and simple, and works for all videos shot on Nokia Lumia phones with Windows Phone 8. Just drag the slider to the beginning and end points then make use of the step controls to adjust the choice to the third.

When you are done, save the video to your phone or upload and share it over WiFi or a mobile data connection, however make sure to examine your network driver’s data costs initially.’

Quick demo of app by WPCentral:

Note: Just like Smart Camera app you require Nokia PR2.0 (aka Amber Update) to run this app on your Lumia WP8 gadget.

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