Right – I don’t typically get that bothered by anything a brand says on stage when they’re unveiling a new product. It’s usually a workout in hyperbole.

But what Huawei has actually simply done (again) is unacceptable.

I’ll simply leave the specific quote from Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Mobile, out for all you to see when he announced the Pink Gold version of the brand-new Huawei Companion 10 and Mate 10 Pro:

“This color is very unique, pink gold, an extremely one-of-a-kind color on the planet … You know, we choose several colors for the ladies, for the ladies choice, this is the most favored color.”

There’s a lot wrong with this statement in 2017 that it’s hard to reveal it completely. It would have been inappropriate Twenty Years ago, but to assume that it’s still, in any way, acceptable to refer to pink as a ‘girl’s color’ is strange by one of the world’s largest smartphone makers.

You could see the launch listed below, at the factor the shade variation was revealed:

Look, I’m not saying that no women like the color pink. Nor am I claiming that they can’t go as well as choose the midnight blue or titanium gray if that’s their preference.

What is dreadful is that they need to be so overtly gendered. What that does is strengthen the concept that the other much less garish, much more ‘professional’ soft colors, are for guys. Guy who do ‘proper business’.

In the amazingly gender-empowered globe where there’s no divide, this wouldn’t issue. It would be the witterings of one brand inaccessible with contemporary society as well as we could simply poke fun at their naivety.

But it’s not by doing this in any way. We still have evidence of the sex divide all over the area, and also this simply enhances it. It says to the woman who’s been educated to delight in pink gadgets that she can’t break out of that mould. 

It claims to the male that likes the color Pink Gold that he definitely can’t have this, due to the fact that he is not a woman or a girl.

Huawei has form right here too: I vividly bear in mind recoiling when it introduced the Swarovski crystal variation of the Huawei Watch ‘for the ladies’ – it’s penalty to bring these points out, however to label them so is simply unedifying.

Huawei isn’t the only brand with form below – I was terribly dissatisfied with HTC when it drew out the U Ultra in a ‘Cosmetic Pink’ variant.

HTC: boys can like pink as well. Cosmetic Pink is one action worse compared to calling a phone a ladies’ phone at launch, it lumps it in with the suggestion of makeup and also may also included a purse charm.

( Oh, wait … we did have the HTC Rhyme that used just that …)

Or just how regarding the smart audio speakers made for ladies by Stelle, which include Swarovski crystal-infused model?

This is just the pointer of the iceberg … there are much more instances of such marketing if you simply scrape a little.

The point is, naturally these shades as well as designs market. That’s why they’re made. However to gender-define them is an antiquated point of view. Yes, some women might delight in an appeal that assists them see in the turmoil of their bag. In our review, we lauded its use as such.

But men could such as the exact same thing hanging out their pocket. Or they might not. It doesn’t issue – things regarding specifying a sex when releasing a version of an item is unreasonable and tough for those battling to specify themselves. 

Small is beautiful

Apple has excellent form below – it resolutely chose not to gender-define its products. Everyone knows that the smaller sized Apple Watch will suit a slimmer wrist, and the larger item something chunkier.

But offered that can relate to both genders, why really feel the have to kind it? And indeed, maybe some women would really such as the rose gold (which was distinctly pink in reality) variation of the iPhone, however it could likewise be a fashionable device to a guy … as the marketing proved.


I’m not saying quit making these items. You could make whatever you want – it’s literally your company, not mine.

But please, for the love of progression and less sidelining in a globe that requires unity more than ever, simply stop telling us which gender something belongs to. 

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