The brand-new update brings a lot of modifications to the YouTube app.

The first new feature you’ll notice is swipe from the left edge of your screen to the right. Formerly you can only see your very own account and and your subscriptions. Now you’ve access to uploads, history, favorites, playlists and videos you’ve added to see later on.
Have you ever before wanted to enjoy watching a YouTube video whilst doing something else? Well, you cannot specifically do that however you can reduce the video to discover various other videos. If you swipe down the video you’re viewing, it’ll be lessened without lag to the bottom left edge so you can browse other videos. From there there’s two things you can do: If you want to close it, you swipe it to the left. If you want to broaden it, you swipe up. You won’t have the ability to see the video outside the app or pay attention to the audio if you shut off the display, but it’s a beginning, and perhaps they’ll include those functions later. There’s also some pest fixes and system improvements.


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The only things that I did not like with the brand-new update, is that earlier I could hold my phone horizontally without switching on screen rotation, and it would the video would go full screen. But that isn’t truly a big trouble though. But I miss an option where you can opt to either make the video automobile switch to complete display.

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