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Update: Reports state that the upgrade is now working again, so go ahead and find those iPhones.

A brand-new upgrade for Apple’s Find My iPhone app appears to have actually been pushed out a little early: It alters the icon to a flatter design, which is more in keeping with iOS 7′s looks. Unfortunately, it likewise locks out users on iOS 6 who don’t have actually a registered designer account or iOS 7 installed and configured on one of their gadgets with their iCloud account.

In various other words, the huge bulk of users should not update Discover My iPhone simply yet, unless you do not wish to have the ability to actually … discover your iPhones, MacBooks, iPads or whatever else you have signed up with Apple’s MobileMe service. If you are a registered developer with iOS 7 installed on a minimum of one gadget, you need to be high quality, even if you are upgrading on iOS 6, but otherwise wait to stay clear of that upgrade and Apple will likely issue a repair soon.

We will watch on this and let you know when it’s safe to upgrade the app, because that’s kind of a huge part of Apple’s cloud services on its mobile gadgets.